What Does Carson Daly Know About Social Media?

    February 21, 2007

I have no idea, but he’s on the speaker lineup at the EconSM (economics of social media) conference put on by Paidcontent.org, being held on April 27th in Beverly Hills.

Carson stands out amongst a mixed bag of speakers. Some people I would like to hear from on the economics of social media like the CEO of Bebo and Netvibes, but the there seem to be a lot of speakers from big media as well, Fox Interactive, CBS Interactive, Walt Disney Interactive maybe they’ll be talking about the economics of buying innovative startups and crushing the life out of them.

Ok, I am a bit of a cynic, but I do think this will be a great conference, and they have a pretty good explanation of why Carson is going to be there.

Stowe Boyd, anyone from Skinny corp (builders of threadless.com, makes 18M a year off t-shirts) anyone from Technorati, Six Apart, any wiki startups that are making money, flickr, Nish from Yelp.com, someone from CambrianHouse.com (they’ve created a couple of startups from crowdsourcing). Any others?



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