What Can Organic Search Marketing Do For You?

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In the first part of our organic search series, we discussed what organic search consists of and why it should be taken seriously as part of your online marketing strategy.

Our second piece in this series examined the pros and cons of organic search citing that there is more benefit is using organic SEO than employing an online strategy that strictly focuses on PPC. So what can organic search engine optimization do for you?

What Can Organic Search Marketing Do For You?

I will be so bold to predict that organic search will become even more popular as we move towards the end of the decade. As corporations begin to recognize the value of a strong online presence, they will feel a need to delve into the realm of keyword analyses and optimization. They will begin to understand that having relevant content on your site is important and that proper keyword density is a must. They will build sites that are informative and authoritative so that they can reap the benefit of other industry related sites linking back to their own.

Why will these corporations and web owners adopt organic SEO? It will be because of the long term return on investment. A good marketing manager thinks ahead and instead of “what have I done for you lately?” it will become “Here’s where we’re going now.” Top managers and C-Suite executives may experience a paradigm shift and understand the importance of organic search marketing. Increasing pay per click prices with irrelevant listings will force marketers to look more seriously at organic search. There will be an increase in interest in organic SEO.

Here are some other reasons as to what organic search can do for you:

    Organic search will generate you click throughs. As mentioned as much as 85% of click throughs on Google are via organic results.

    Organic search will give you a better bang for your buck. You cannot bid for position, but you can spend time optimizing your site for the prime real estate in the search engine results pages.

    Organic search results are longer lasting. Often, once you improve your organic standing for key phrases, a well optimized site can hold this position for weeks, months or even years. (without having to incur ongoing costs unlike a sponsored campaign)

    Organic search can save you money. Improving in the organic search results will reduce the need for PPC spend and as a result improve your overall ROI.

    The effectiveness of PPC is being questioned. Increasing costs and irrelevant results are forcing advertisers to take a serious look at organic strategies. A great organic campaign can complement an average PPC campaign.

    Did I mention that organic search engine optimization is rather inexpensive when compared to other traditional forms of marketing media?

While there are exceptions to most things in life, organic search has proven to pay off for many online properties and businesses. It will continue to do so in the future. If 85% of click throughs on Google are organic and you a solely focusing on a sponsored campaign there is something wrong. You might want to look at an organic campaign to improve your ROI.

The novelty of search engine marketing has worn off. The necessity of search engine marketing has now taken over.

*Originally published at Enquiro

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What Can Organic Search Marketing Do For You?
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