What Bugs Us Publishers!

    December 11, 2002

This is for the rest of you too!

I had attempted to write this article once before, but I did not like what I wrote and scrapped it. I don’t see articles like this and was hesitant to express my comments. Perhaps all publishers can view my position in a similar manner when it comes to those little things that bug us.

Some one that has never published or edited an ezine may never understand the point of this article, yet they might possibly see why we become irate over these issues.

The following is my list of annoyances:

1] Newsletters with all classifieds, Nothing Else! Yup, For those of you that know of Dee’s Helpful Info., I publish a classified edition, but enclose an article and also an all article ezine, ArticleZ 4 U Xpress.

2] Subscribers that subscribe only to see their free ad and then unsubscribe or give a false email address. This should be Number One!

3] Unformatted Newsletters – Geez, I hate going clear out into nowhere to read! Lines that take up the whole window and then a teeny, short ad of 60 characters… my eyes are out of focus!

Formatting may be a tedious task for some, and I will admit, my formatting has problems occasionally. Try sticking to a set number of characters makes it easier to read and looks much nicer.

4] Spam Emails – We share the same email address.

A. You are kidding, right? I certainly hope not!

B. This is not spam. Ok… but I never received anything from you before… it must be spam, or else why would you tell me right off?

C. Make $5,000 in the next five days! You have to be kidding! Maybe if I won the lottery!

D. No Subject Line – I am not opening it!

E. No E-mail Address – Not this one either!

F. Neither E-mail of Subject – Delete it!

5] Virus attachments – I get these occasionally, more often then I’d like. Usually in an email you cannot return. Thank God for Virus Software!

6] Here’s my Free Ad! – That’s it… no name, no subscription email. You must subscribe first and then you get a free ad. Give some details please.

7] Outdated adcodes – I get this one fella that sends an ad every week with an adcode that is 3 months old! I email him each time and he keeps doing it… maybe he figures I’ll forget and let it slip in.

8] Subscribers that get irate over unsubscribing – I enclose a link for unsubscribing/subscribing in every email for my newsletter and Topica also includes a link. That’s 2 times! It sends me off to Topica in an email search to remove this subscriber before I am accused of Spam. More often than not, I can’t find the address in the search, you guessed it, they must of found the unsubscribe link!

9] Website Contact Information – Where is it? These sites have some good information and all I want to do is compliment them. Put that information in bold if you have to.

10] BannerMania – Websites with tons of banners!

11] Pop Ups – I get so many sometimes, my browser freezes and shuts down!

12] Itty-Bitty Fonts – I cannot read a word smaller than a pinpoint… Where’s the magnifying glass? This list could go on forever. It is getting pretty large. Perhaps we could write an ebook of complaints.

I may get a few cans of “Raid” to eliminate the Bugs!

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