What a Difference a URL Can Make

...especially when it comes to print.

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Research shows that print ads that contain URLs  are up to three times as likely to drive readers to a website than those that don’t include them.

Not that this information comes as much of a surprise, but it is probably a tactic that many businesses still are not using.

The Research Shows…

A study conducted by the Magazine Publishers of America shares this info along with statistics that show that readers of magazines in the Travel, Home and Women’s categories tend to drive more readers from the magazine to the web.

Think About the Actual URL

For a print ad to inspire web traffic, the URL itself can play a tremendous role in whether or not it even gets visited.

Helen Leggatt at BizReport suggests using fresh, unique URLS "perhaps per campaign or even per publication" to generate interest. As an example, she mentions a recent Burger king campaign utilizing the haveityourway.com domain.

I would suggest at the very least using a memorable, easily spelled domain name like I talked about in this SmallBusinessNewz article.

Don’t Overlook the Strategy

The concept of inclusion of a web address in offline marketing is also something I’ve stressed before for encouraging more customers to turn to the web, particularly for brick and mortar business looking to expand their online identities. It’s a no-brainer for those businesses who exist strictly online that are already seeking print advertising.

Think about print ads that have inspired you to find a company’s website. What was it about the ad that made you want to learn more by way of the Internet? Odds are it was probably the URL there pointing the way.

What a Difference a URL Can Make
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  • http://www.pixelpeople.com.mx Pixel People

    Hi Chris,

    Excellent approach, offline marketing and URL for print purposes are great samples of the importance of a simply or memorable domain name. 

  • http://www.tmdesigner.it Giuseppe

    Come hai sottolineato nell’articolo, i fattori inteni della pagina web (url) sono davvero in grado di fare la differenza al fine di un buon posizionamento, o per la riconducibilità dei contenuti al sito web di riferimento.. La tua è stata davvero un a giusta osservazione.. Questo è davvero un "Great Point of View"!

  • http://www.sellmyinventory.com www.sellmyinventory.com

    A large percentage of online searches are not using "keywords" at all. They are "phrases,sentences and more importantly thoughts" Ie: How can i sell my inventory?
    The browser search bar is evolving into a medium to ask questions.This will be the "next generation" of search inquires.



  • http://www.LaptopLift.com Kenneth Selwocki

    Better Homes and Gardens, Summertine 2008 magazine recently arrived … have you seen the back page?  A brilliant Oreo Cookie Ad., without  a oreo.com signature. After reading this article, was it necessary? This Ad they developed speaks volumns … and I believe this powerful Ad with a glass of milk, an Oreo cookie in the straw off a plate with oreo crumbs, the Oreo Logo and "Milk’s favorite cookie" slogan was by all means creative, imaginative and simple…by all means this Ad agency has talent and must be smiling … pat yourself on the back … you done good. 

    • Chris Crum

      I haven’t seen it, but if you were persuaded to check out the site, it must’ve been effective.

  • http://www.IndianWildlifeClub.com Susan Sharma

    On the other hand print ads for online sites do not seem to go anywhere, that has been my experience.  It seems there is a big digital divide among print readers and internet surfers!

  • http://www.tingplik.110mb.com Guest

    how about using my phone number as my URL

    • Chris Crum

      That’s an interesting idea. I could see it working if you branded your number in other ways and it became something that people were familiar with.

      There is a law office here in Lexington that has been advertising for years with their phone number included in a jingle that tends to get stuck in people’s heads.

      Without having that brand power, I don’t see a phone number as a domain name being very effective.

  • Guest

    either way its cheap and every little bit help the more people that see it the more that read it the more that might just type those few words this should be one of those things that you include with all your other ad.traffic driving effort to your online and offline shops we already do a print ad is a business card our business card  has all our important web address to help drive traffic to both!!

  • http://www.ManyGoodIdeas.com Jay Hamilton-Rorth

    It makes sense to keep the conversation moving from an advertisement (which has a single point) to a website (which acts more as a brochure, with more in-depth information).

    Even better than simply driving people from an advertisement to your homepage is to a specific landing page that picks up where the ad leaves off, continuing the thread of conversation.

    • Chris Crum

      Yes, this kind of ties in with the idea of having campaign-specific URLs such as the Burger King ad.

  • http://www.nutritionpop.com Rob

    Great Article Chris!

    I think this article shows a great example of how promoting offline can transition to online promotion and also getting more web traffic and sales. Also a unique descriptive url as explained with Burger King is a key example to campaign relationship and also remebering a unique url.  



    • Chris Crum

      Thanks Rob. There’s no reason that online promotion has to be confined to the Internet.

  • http://www.drabdesign.com David E-Stainer

    I have to totally agree about the domain aspect, I have already purchased domains that I will not be using for about 2 years, however I need to make sure that no one takes them before I need them.

  • http://www.StopIdentityTheftInfo.com http://www.StopIdentityTheftInfo.com

     Think of your domain name as the main part of your website’s KEYWORDS …

  • http://natureherbalworld.com Guest

    Thanks for the article,the more I read the more I learn:)


  • http://www.londonminicabnetwork.com Fred

    This is a no brainer!!!! Substantial amout of readers will visit the websites of ads seen in print.

  • Chris Crum

    Hi Stacy,

    Good ideas here. I couldn’t agree more about including your URL on “bags, boxes, stickers, estimates, business cards, fliers, printed case studies, email signatures, banners, promos and more”.

  • http://www.meclubbin.com bebo2001

    thanks, i dont know what else i can do to drive people to my homepage

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