Westboro Baptist Won’t Let Adam Hills Challenge Go; Demand Tickets to Iraq

By: Mike Tuttle - August 31, 2014

When Aussie comedian and talk show host Adam Hills heard that the humanitarians of Westboro Baptist Church were threatening to picket Robin Williams’ funeral, he responded with fiery vehemence. Hills suggested that the Westboro folk go to ISIS-controlled Iraq, instead. Terrorists there are beheading Christians. Surely that is worth protesting. Hills offered to buy any Westboro member who wanted to go to Iraq a first-class ticket.

The problem was, the Westboro folk were ready to take Hills up on his offer. “Show us the tickets!” they demanded.

Hills, likely with some legal advice, rethought his offer, and instead made a donation of that amount to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospitals in the name of Robin Williams. He considered this answering hate with love.

But the Westboro folks are not going away that easily. On the blog section of their GodHatesFags website, they piled on about “the demon-possessed pervert, Robin Williams”, and demanded Hills keep his promise. They taunted that Westboro had already been to Iraq and were unafraid to return, ISIS or no.

“[Hills] made an oath before God and everyone that he would purchase these tickets, and he reneged on the oath, so the least he could do is stop being so stingy with his money. We have, in fact, already gone to picket in Iraq. The last time we went, we flew into Amman, Jordan and drove the rest of the way.”

If Hills is not willing to cough up the tickets, Westboro challenged that he should pay $188,302.50 to St. Jude’s, the price they calculate for tickets to Ammam.

“[T]he cheapest ticket I can find [to Ammam] is $2,510.70. Let’s use 75 as a nice round number of people who attend Westboro Baptist Church. If I’m doing my math right, that comes to $188,302.50. You can’t pay your way out of hell, Adam Hills, but you ought to put your money where your big mouth is. Cough up the full amount to St. Jude’s.”

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  • Blind Squirrel

    Westboro Baptist Church ….a church in name only. Absolutely the worst possible example for what constitutes “Christlike.”

    • Andy

      Maybe so, but they sure called that chickenshit Adam Hill’s bluff.

      • silvergryphon

        With another bluff. I don’t see the Westboro folks lining up at the airport buying tickets to Iraq with their own money either.

      • Rick Santorum

        I agree with Westboro on this one. $188K is a relatively low price to get rid of these motherfuckers once and for all.

        • Chris

          Hate to be sorry saps on the plane with them. Nothing is worth that sort of punishment.

        • SusanK6461

          just as long as the tickets are bought in advance and are nonrefundable. They’re just looking for the money.

        • Mark

          Well then, let’s help out Adam Hill and start a crowdfund to send these fuckers to Iraq if they want to go so bad.

      • Tyler

        Boo on calling a bluff. They should buy their own tickets and put their money where their “faith” is. Evil, backward, media-whores that they are.

    • Taylor

      So true. They’re not a “church” at all. Having lived in the same city where they reside I seriously doubt there are 75 people in their group. They’re a hate group pure and simple.

      • Lindy

        I lived in Topeka briefly myself and would have to agree with you about the numbers. BUT if you count the small children they USE – I mean little ones as young a todders holding hate signs out on street corners – there may be 75! My guess would be more like 30 or so.
        And, yes, they are a hate group, period!

        • Lindy

          as young as toddlers! My computer needs to go in front of a firing squad!

    • Syed Iftekharuddin

      Westboro Baptist Church is the only church are not hypocrites

      • Blind Squirrel

        Uh, yeah, they are hypocrites. They pretend to be about God, but yet, demonstrate exactly zero of His grace. They have also used His name repeatedly for profit and notoriety. Furthermore, hypocrites exist both in and out of church.

        Please try again.

  • katie

    First, I don’t believe that “church” EVER had 75 people at any one event much less a church service. The 75 number is just a big mouth attempt to to get attention. Whatever! I sure wouldn’t be heartbroken though if 75 like minded people did end up in front of a firing squad in Iraq! If the American people thought they could be able to arrange THAT, I bet it wouldn’t be hard to raise the money! lol

    • Sean Coulombe

      I really would like to see him follow through and buy these tickets you and I both know its is highly possible that they can be put in front of a firing squad! How many people would like to see these hate filled not christians but modern day pharisees silenced. We should start a fund raiser! Send them all to the most lkely place where they can receive their judgment.. as the judgers they are! Rom 2:1-6… maybe western Africa?

    • SusanK6461

      I’d put my last dime into that fund raiser!

  • Woody

    Set up a startup bank fund to send them.You’l get the $

  • 1WhoCares11

    PLEASE I beg of you to start a fund for them!! How easy to solve that little problem!

    • disqus_JsfC7s7QFS

      How about a Kickstarter Campaign?

      • SusanK6461

        Kickstarter… THAT’s the name I was trying to remember!

  • john

    All churches are cults… Some are just crazier than others!

    • Andy

      I’ve seen churches and religious organizations do a lot of good in this world.

      • Andigravity

        Yes, but honestly, how many have you seen doing something altruistic without it coming with some sort of strings attached?

        Every time I see churches and religious organizations doing charitable work, they’re either proselytizing or advertising. Either they hand out Bibles, preach to those they help, insist on giving out some sort of literature or set conditions that people who receive help must attend sermons or worship services. That last tactic seems to be very popular with church-run homeless shelters.

        “We know you’re one of society’s outcasts and are stuck on the streets, and we know how hungry you are… but if you don’t sit through our services and obey Jesus like we tell you, we’re going to let you starve.”

        If they’re not doing that, they tend to either show up wearing some sort of t-shirt that tells you what church or religious organization they’re from, or else run around telling everyone who they’re with so all the people will know exactly who it is doing all the charitable work, making sure people everywhere reclassify basic human decency as “God’s work.”

        If what they’re doing comes with those type of strings attached, it’s not really charity because it ultimately isn’t about the people in need. It’s either about exerting power and/or influence over those in need, or exalting themselves for being morally superior. That other people are helped isn’t really the point of that religious organization’s efforts; it’s just a means to an end to get what they want.

        Either way, it’s not altruism; it’s ego.

        I’m not at all impressed by that, nor do I count it as “good in the world” being done by a church or religious organization because they wouldn’t be bothering if there wasn’t a self-interested component involved. If they were willing to do so, it wouldn’t be part of their efforts in the first place.

        More to the point, it isn’t Christian to behave that way, and that’s not something you can really waffle on. Jesus explicitly forbids such behavior in no uncertain terms in Matthew 6: 1-4

        “Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.

        So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”

        If you’re seeing a lot of good that churches and religious organizations are doing in the world, then according to Jesus, they’re doing it wrong.

        • Caroline Mcclain

          There are good churches that do good in the community or neighborhood. You haven’t witnessed it. I know how good some of them are, I was a poor person years ago and had to find a way to have food at the end of the month. They helped me for a couple of years. So never put down what you do not know much about. Go after the one who spout of hate and evil out of their vile mouths.

          • Andigravity

            And where do you see me doing that? I qualify my comments by noting I am referring to the churches and religious organizations I see.

          • Caroline Mcclain

            You cannot base an opinion without going into the churches you are so prejudiced about. You cannot know about all the world religions evil unless you go a practice everyone one of them and then can say it is a bad religion. Just judging a church from the outside shows how you really are scared of religion. Perhaps someday, after going into the internet and study all the world religions, you will see that there is not much different between then, only by the way it is practiced by every religion. And the ones who spout evil, are the evil ones every religion warns about.

          • Andigravity


            You’ve been to every church in the world and have practiced every religion there is?

            You must get up very early in the morning (and be faster than a speeding bullet at offending every god mankind has ever worshiped with your supersonic apostasy).

            No, wait… that would be virtually impossible, meaning whatever judgments you’re making about religion are ones you’re making without first going into every church in the world and practicing every religion and meeting that completely asinine, unreachable standard you’re trying to set for anyone who might disagree with your assessment of the situation.

            Well, at least you’re good at being a hypocrite.

            As for your notion of going on the internet and studying world religions, no thanks. I prefer to get my information from reliable sources, and on that front, I’ve probably spent quite a bit more time studying the subject than you.

          • Caroline Mcclain

            No you need to read the dictionary of a hypocrite, the hate you have for people you do not know. I have studied many religions of the world and all believe the same thing, just practice differently that would be very foreign. I did get up early in the morning during college to study and have many degrees in world religion. Perhaps you need to rid of the hate in your heart and try praying to you GOD for forgiveness of such hate in your heart. And there is no way the Westboro fakers will ever go to Heaven, with all that hate they have anything human on this Earth. And I will pray for your lost soul. God will show the way if you pray to him too. Bless you this day, little lamb of GOD. And be sure to study at the church, synagoges and other places the religions are practiced. Bless you and your family. And do not forget the organized churches to learn from also, they are always willing to talk to those interested in learning about religion. Bless you and your family again. AMEN!

          • Andigravity

            Is the dictionary of a hypocrite somehow different than that of a normal person? I use the OED, myself, which defines hypocrisy thusly:

            “The practice of claiming to have higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case:”

            That’s slightly different than the definition you seem to suggest, of “the hate you have for people you do not know.”

            I have made no claim to any higher standards than those I actually hold, nor have I made any claim about the nobility of my beliefs. I have noted that much of the behavior I observe on the part of churches and religious organizations seems to ultimately be self-interested (that’s simply an observation) and stated I do not view such behavior as altruistic. As that happens to be my actual belief and not a misrepresentation of it– and as I have made no claim to performing any great altruistic deeds when in reality, I was only doing so because I gained something from doing so– my point of view is not hypocritical.

            That being said, I think we can move onto a new word to apply to you.

            Not only have you studied all the major world religions, but you have multiple college degrees in them?

            Boy, you’ve got me there. I mean, there’s no way you could just make that claim up off the top of your head. Why, it’s almost as improbable as a guy lying about the size of his penis.

            I’ll set aside for the moment that the major world religions most certainly do not all believe the same thing…

            If you have multiple degrees, then you’ve doubtlessly had to come up with several different theses over the course of your extensive college career.

            What were the subjects of these theses? What research did you do and what were your conclusions?

            One assumes somewhere along the way, you studied Christianity.

            I wonder, could you explain why Origen held such sway with early church leaders? How about the series of events that led up to Constantine convening the Council of Nicaea? Could you explain why Jerome felt the Latin translations of the Biblical texts up to that point were so inaccurate he was compelled to re-translate the entirety of the Bible into Latin? Feel free to quote as many examples in Latin as you want. I can read the language quite well.

            If you’ve studied Hinduism, what does “I am become death, the destroyer of worlds” mean?

            I could go on asking questions, of course (I would be fascinated to hear how you concluded Buddhism, Christianity, Asastru, and the Rastafari religion all believe the same thing), but I’m sure it will take up enough of your time just answering those few questions I’ve already posed if you actually know what you’re talking about.

          • Caroline Mcclain

            Don’t forget, to clean your mouth out with soap for using a male organ to make a no making sense statement. Be sure it is a bar of Irish spring for the minty taste. And remember what goes around, comes around. Hate hates its master. And be sure to use the whole bar of soap. Want it clean before speak to anyone. HA! HA! HA! I will not bother no more, religious hater.

          • Andigravity

            Your immediate attempt to deflect attention from the fact you are either unwilling or unable to back up your grandiose claims by engaging in a personal attack before making a hasty exit is very telling.

        • David Tannen

          @andigravity:disqus I think you have limited experience with churches.

          The churches I have belonged to regularly provide food and $ to food shelves & homeless shelters. We don’t expect anything in return.

          The church I currently belong to is part of a larger organization of like minded people of faith who organize to bring about political change. For instance recently we organized and helped to defeat a constitutional amendment that would have banned gay marriage. We also worked to get a ‘home owners’ bill of rights passed. Did we expect anything from this? Neither of these two actions really affected me or most of people in our church – directly/personally. We did this because it was the right thing to do.

          Are their ‘churches’ that are more like country clubs that churches? Definitely. The vast majority of Christian churches are not.

          • 1WhoCares11

            why would you want gay marriage not banned??? you are definitely not part of any real church.

          • 1WhoCares11

            you can’t change the bible to suit your agendas.

          • Devon Java

            to 1whocares11 but you do!! do you support stoning non-virgins?,,,, i got a stone for you to throw? are you ready,,,, u HYPOCRITE!

        • SusanK6461

          I agree with some of what you’re saying but I think boasting and pride is showing.

  • Steven Paul

    But tickets for as many of them as go to a regular protest, let them go! It might be a worthwhile investment, they can die doing what they love. Maybe get blown to bits!

  • Soxfan1120

    Buy them all 1 way tickets.

    • SusanK6461

      Nonrefundable. They have to be nonrefundable.

  • carlos mcquakenbush

    How about if we just behead all of the WBC here in the US and save the terrorist the trouble

  • DH

    Somebody please kill them all. They make America look worse than it already does.

    • dialyn2

      Really? And threatening their lives makes you better than them, how? If. the U.S. looks worse because less than 75 people are mean-spirited extremists, the country of over 300,000,000 is in a world of hurt. That is a very small group of people to give the power of ruining a country.

      • carlos mcquakenbush

        The U.S. looks worse because of people like you.

    • Devon Java

      that is such 2014 years ago mentality,,that is the mentality of an extremist, are you 1 of them,,, your idea would make people join them,,,so think before you OPEN YOUR MOUTH!!

  • Darkside97Michael Bushnell

    Seeing these Westboro closet homos windup face to face with these equally insane religious nuts would be absolutely perfect.

  • Irene Nance

    Please, please Adam Hill, get them all one way tickets and send them on over!

  • Hunter

    Where the hell have they already been to Iraq?

  • Guest

    I like the one-way ticket idea. They won’t need return tickets. I’m sure a LOT of people would pledge 10 or 20 dollars just to get rid of these nut-jobs. Make each one of them sign a contract, promising to use the tickets before, say, December 1st of this year. Surely, as supposedly servants of God, they wouldn’t lie

  • MarcusDude

    i think he should have to buy them the tickets, just make sure they are only 1 way tickets. He might also want to throw in hiring a translator to translate their picket signs into the local language.

  • saganaki

    This is one of those tough dilemmas. Side against the nutjob “church”? Or against the equally provocateur-for-profit “personality”?

    I’d say how about a kickstarter for 76 tickets. Westboro plus Hill.

  • Rose Rose

    Is there a way to set up a fund to send them there? I found flights for $1,010.

    • SusanK6461

      Kickstarter. Make sure the tickets are purchased by a non-WB member, and they’re nonrefundable

  • Joseph Landriscina

    The WBC should go to Iraq. If they’re taken hostage, they’ll be the only people who no one will pay ransom to get back. Heads will roll!^_^

  • Cindy M

    I thought COVETING was a sin? “Thou shalt not covet” is one of the 10 Commandments. Yet Westboro SURE covets the limelight!

    • Robert

      Also the one before that, Thou shalt not bare false witness against thy neighbor…one that was broken regularly.

  • Crispy Pata

    Westboro is bluffing

  • Dan Rogers

    75 people admit to being associated with Westboro? really? Damn–see what happens when the psych wards discharge people out on the streets without supervision

  • Paul Modibe

    Just make sure the tickets are one way

  • sdgman

    Paying attention to that inbred group is what keeps them around.

  • Caroline Mcclain

    They ain’t been to Iraq, they would have been taken for showing their bible and demonstrating, which is not allowed there. :Let them prove that they have already been there since the crazy stuff has been going in there in the past three or so months. They would never be allowed to leave, they would be punished for being bible thumpers and demonstrating their hate.

  • David Tannen

    Phred’s clan does not make sense because they don’t make sense.

    The best thing to do is ignore them.

  • Richard

    I really don’t see a difference between ISIS and this Westboro clan. Religious wars have plagued mankind for years and this is just one more group of idiot’s who would start a war if they could. The original founder had a brother who sued, FOR MONEY, (notice how everything revolves around money with them) for their right to free speech. NONE of them are tough when you go one-on-one like I did, but they seem to be real tough when they are in a crowd. WOW….wait I just realized something….one on one or a group….damn that is what Law Enforcement tells us about gang members.

  • diane

    I’ll contribute for them to go! Bet millions could be raised to send them ALL!

  • James

    Let’s see them DARE to picket on Park Avenue.

  • greenlantern1

    Admiral Forrestal died from a fall, from the sixteenth floor, of Bethesda Naval Hospital Hospital!
    Murder or suicide?
    Does anyone, at Westboro Church, care?
    An Egyptian court indicted Pastor[?] Terry Jones for deliberately causing bloodshed!
    Remember Benghazi?
    Which side are they on?

  • SteveinAnchorageAK

    Note that whoever is quoting him/herself doesn’t identify him/her self. Apparently, he/her is totally afraid of identifying him/her self.

  • SteveinAnchorageAK

    All the members of Westboro – repeat ALL – should volunteer to go to Syria and sacrifice themselves to ISIS. If you so strongly believe, DO IT! But you won’t because you are chickenshit.

  • SusanK6461

    The ” humanitarians of Westboro Baptist Church”??? They need to start a collection. The condition has to be though that the tickets WILL be purchased and they will be nonrefundable. WB is just looking for a windfall.

  • Rick Michael

    First off I don’t believe that church has gone on it’s own to the mid east and picketed anyone. If they did you can bet they had major protection from harm. I also don’t believe they said show “us” the tickets. Why would they take freebees from a radio talk host. Since all the world except their members are “fagots, gay, etcetera.” In their own words. Their leader is basking in hell today someday others of the “Church” will join him if they don’t change their way.

  • Joyce Pike

    If I were Adam Hills, I would buy those fools the tickets and see them off at the airport. As neat a solution to the Westboro nuisance as any I can think of.

  • Lynn

    I sure wish Adam could afford the tickets.

  • Blah,blah, blah

    Ice bucket challenge to raise money for Westboro/ISIS “ONEWAY” tickets to Iraq….not Baghdad, but northern Iraq where the fighting is. I am in.

  • Tony

    Stop writing about this group. This is what they feed on. Don’t you get that??

  • THX1139

    It’s time we go Norwegian Death Metal on that church. Preferably during services.

  • Dark Coleus

    Should be easy to crowd source $200K for send them all over there. The only condition should be they have to protest in Mosul.

  • Baptist from Florida

    It should be asking only $94, 151.25 from Adam as I am sure only one-way tickets will be needed! Maybe we should all contribute for their tickets from “other” Baptist Churches to keep Westboro from using the term “Baptist” or “Christian” ever again! I am that sure soon after picketing ISIS many Westboro members would be quite surprised at the higher than expected temperatures where they end up!

  • Guest

    Hahah, if my perception of the devil were real, one could pay their way out of hell.

  • Captain Murphy

    The devil seems like the type of person who would let someone pay their way out of hell.

  • Religionisadisease.

    We need to start up collection, buy NON-REFUNDABLE tickets and force all of them on the plane…

  • monica

    unfortunately since Westboro hates Americans, even though they are Americans, its unlikely ISIS would kill them, since they know that would make Americans happy and wouldn’t pay ransom… but if we sent them, maybe America could call them traitors and strip them of their citizenship and deny them reentry into the USA. Now that would be worth it!

  • Guest 1955

    First of all I doubt they went to Iraq and openly demonstrated the way they do here. But if they still want to go, I would give them the money with a contract they must sign stating that it can only be used to purchase plane tickets and ground transportation into the heart if ISIL territory, any other use of the money would be a breech of contract and they would be subject to legal action. Also, they must carry on their demonstrations the same way they do here! Call their bluff again.

  • John Elwell

    Jeez, I would chip in to send them over there for a little “visit”.

    • Shafted

      Just make it a one-way trip, OK?

  • mikey00860

    They started out burning the Koran, I don’t what happen in that deal I would say a lot of were going to behead you messages. Why don’t they go over and pick ISIS for a while and burn a Koran or two. Tell them America will pay the bill.

  • sharon

    Why can’t they give the ticket to Obama with a no-return ticket , he would be where he belongs with his buddies.

  • Jim Fair

    Send them all to Iraq and do the rest of us a favor because we’re really tired of hearing about their hatred..

  • M.R.

    They’d take the first class tickets and turn them in for the cash! Too bad we can’t send them there, and then cancel their passports so they cannot come back.

  • Imelda Ibarra

    please send them there.

  • Christopher Citty

    I have no respect for Westboro Baptist Church, as they are a vile hate group disguised as a religious group. But, I do believe that when you make a public statement offering to buy a specific thing, for specific people, you should make good on that statement. Adam Hills should enable Westboro people to go to ISIS-controlled Iraq. Their membership being confronted, and most likely killed, by ISIS thugs in all reality won’t stop their mouth-pieces from spreading their hate. In fact, I doubt very much any of their leadership would go, and stand with them in their protest in Iraq. It takes integrity, and respect, to stand against real bullets. The leaders of the hate group don’t have integrity or respect. That’s why they threaten to picket funerals, even of small children. All they care about is media attention, not religious beliefs, or being honest.

    It is also my understanding that God hates slander. That’s how I know Westboro is not a true religious organization. They make public accusations about people they do not know. Christ would not approve. God would not approve.

  • ms

    I say, give them the tickets-ONE WAY!

  • Crosswind

    I’d happily pitch in if it gets these lunatics out of our country. Can we ban them from coming back?

  • http://www.gofuckyourself.com/ Jamie Waterman

    I can’t stand the WBC, but Adam hills should have kept his word. Send these morons to Iraq! You had the chance to send the f*cks to Iraq and you SQUANDERED IT?!? Maybe we could do a Kickstarter to send them there?

  • rick

    crap, no way? we all should put in a buck with the the only condition is we get to pick in north/western iraq they go to. someone let me know when the plane leaves, i have a phone call to the ISIS Welcoming Committee to make.( just want to make sure there’s someone there to greet them and so they dont get lost)