Westboro Baptist Records Beatles Song Parody About Michael Sam

Mike TuttleLife

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The Intelligentsia wing of the Westboro Baptist Church has been recruiting help from the Fine Arts wing lately. And the topic that brought the band back together was Michael Sam.

Michael Sam’s post-college football career has been playing out on national news for months. He was touted as one of the first college football players to come out as gay. When he was drafted by the St. Louis Rams, he kissed his boyfriend on national television.

Recently, Michael Sam was cut loose by the Rams. And leave it to Westboro Baptist Church to take that ball and run with it.

“Now that the fag-dust settled and the Rams had to face a season with filthy fag Michael Sam and his ineptitude, they cut him,” the church announced on their blog.

The church group claims that Michael Sam and the Rams are in violation of God’s command to have no other gods, and are therefore cursed by God.

But the group did not stop there. Previously they had recorded a song in Michael Sam’s “honor”, which they once again dusted off for the occasion.

"Money talks and lame-ohs walk. If they gave one bit of care about his never-dying soul they would have played this song as they ushered him out of the locker room, and into the media mob.”

They then linked to a SoundCloud account that featured the song below.

The lyrics include such lines as:

"Sammy was a man who thought he was a woman
Thought God would give him a pass
From the football field in dark depraved Missouri
Sammy made a big fag splash”

"Everybody treated Sammy like a woman
But he was a rebel man
All the folks around him, clapped at his perversion
Gave his sin a helping hand”

Comments on the posted song cut to the heart of public opinion about Westboro Baptist:

“i cant wait for the day your bus crashes and you all die a slow, painful death” - Nominous

“Good luck, may the wrath of John and George get you in your sleep” - Mr 2W