Westboro Baptist Church Wont Be Going to Iraq, Can’t Go To Canada Either

    August 28, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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When members of the hate-driven Westboro Baptist Church were challenged to take their loud-mouthed protest ways to Iraq and protest something worth standing up against, they agreed to go. Perhaps someone who could read — perhaps the same person who makes their signs — could have clued them in to the inadvisability of this particular road trip. But no one seems to have been available.

Comedian Adam Hills took the opportunity afforded him on his show The Last Leg to invite members of Westboro Baptist to stop threatening to protest at the funeral of beloved comedian Robin Williams, and instead go shout down the people who are actually killing Christians — the terrorists of ISIS in Iraq.

“If you really believe in standing up to those threatening the Christian way of life, Westboro Baptist Church, how about putting your money where your mouth is, taking a direct flight to Iraq,” he said.

Hills even offered to buy first class tickets for the Westboro picketers to get them to Iraq. Presumably, the trip would have been one way.

The group accepted the challenge. That must mean they found a fax number for somewhere inside Iraq so they could announce their intent to come make a scene.

But then Hills backed out on the offer, and came up with a way to “really piss off a bigot.”

So even if Westboro members were willing to go get their heads removed in Iraq, it looks like we’ll have to endure them for a while longer. Unless, of course, someone else would be willing to pay for their tickets.

Not everyone is willing to put up with the Westboro nonsense. Back in 2008, when Westboro members claimed they were going to Canada to protest at a funeral there, the Canadian government responded by barring church members from entering their country. The UK has also barred them from entry.

  • Roger Redford

    Wish they would go to Iraq. And stay.

  • oedewmay

    Shit ! Make it a Humanitarian Act ! Come on let the government do a drop
    right in the middle of the war ! Picket that Dumb F&$%s !!!!!!!!

  • marbl

    I’ll bet there are plenty of people who would foot the bill for a case of bullets.

  • lynn sherrill

    Maybe Mark-Phd-Hutton can go instead?

  • Hategetshate

    Kikstarter, anyone?

  • Ezechias Nieves Sr

    ohh no canada but canada send that fucker cruz here!

    • And It’s Gone…

      Teddy is no longer Canadian. 😉 He is all American now!

      • Raven

        Yeah and ruining this country! Why did he have to choose Texas? Oh, yeah, we’re the state of idiot politicians.

  • Musterion

    Westboro is barred entry

    but not the illegals and islamic militants. Those are apparently welcome with a vengeance. proof is in the headlines.

    Death by pocketknife and gang rape is better than some loudmouth at a funeral.
    Good to see that common sense prevails.

  • erasmus654

    That’s ok – they’ve already got prepaid tickets to the only possible destination of their departure: (ironically) hell.

  • Sandra Smith

    hategetshate . . . I will contribute to that kickstarter

  • Christopher Citty

    So, Canada has banned Westboro, and the UK has, as well. I have an idea for Washington. Forcibly deport all members of the Westboro Baptist Church to Iraq. You don’t even have to endanger them. Just set them down in Iraq, under armed escort. Then, just outside of ISIS territory, stop the advance, and read the group a prepared statement from Congress. The statement should touch on the absolutely disgraceful act of ruining someone’s funeral, for free publicity. Even dirt-poor churches can advertise in local classified ads. They don’t need to stage publicity stunts. They should also be informed that if they continue harassing tax-paying citizens, at funerals, and other routine events, their non-profit status will be terminated, and they will be marched into ISIS-controlled land, and abandoned.

  • Darkside97Michael Bushnell

    You’d think this retarded bunch of dim witted repressed homos would just do each other and settle down.

  • Ron Myers

    I think Westboro Baptist “Church” going to Iraq is a great idea. One-way tickets.