Westboro Baptist Church To Picket Robin Williams’s Funeral

By: Ellisha Rader Mannering - August 20, 2014

The Westboro Baptist Church has a habit of sticking their noses in where they don’t belong.

The church group pickets funerals often and claims that certain people who murder others or take their own lives do not deserve to go to heaven or to have a peaceful afterlife. They also believe that Williams was wrong for portraying a gay man in the film The Birdcage. They seem to target celebrities or people who are popular with the media.

Although the church claims to picket funerals to help warn people about the dangers of living a sinful life and to remind them to repent, their choice of funerals seems to suggest that they picket more for attention than awareness.

They have picketed at the funerals of numerous celebrities, including those of Steve Jobs and Michael Jackson.

They have also tried to picket at the funerals of soldiers killed in action.

Robin Williams was found dead in his home last Sunday and investigators quickly determined that he had taken his own life by hanging himself with a belt. Williams had been suffering from depression and anxiety. He also struggled with substance abuse, but according to his wife, he was sober when he committed suicide.

The Westboro Baptist Church tweeted a message to its followers to inform them that they would be picketing outside Williams’s funeral. Williams’s family has not even released the details of the funeral plans.

The entire post reads, “Westboro Baptist Church hopes to preach in lawful proximity to Robin Williams’ funeral — to warn the living: repent or likewise perish.”

The group also shared a photo of a billboard that they plan to put up in the near future.

As with past Westboro pickets, several groups have planned to counter-protest against the group in hopes of allowing Williams’s friends, fans and family to mourn his death in peace.

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  • Jerry Lawler

    These people are just awful, awful human beings. They’re no better than then the Nation of Islam, the Klan or other hate monger.

  • jillrudisill

    This so called church does not have the right nor the authority to protest anything. They are a bunch of sadist they do not work for the Lord by their actions and comments I would have to guess they work for Satin himself. It is not anyone person’s place to pass judgment on another. They need to be arrested for once. If they can’t be arrested they should be sued for slander. The families that they usually are protesting are grieving for their loved one and do not need this type of hate towards their family. To me they are dis-respectful not only to the dead but to the living what kind of morals do you call that? This so called church is full of hate and for them to think they are serving the Lord is questionable.

    • Kylin Howard

      I’ve seen a documentary on the WBC and they’re brainwashing their spawn and other young children. They’ve ousted a family member who didn’t believe the same things they believed. They’ve also been shot at, a young child was run over while protesting, and objects have been thrown at their vehicle. I don’t understand what it will take to make them see that their presence is not wanted at anyone’s funeral unless it’s theirs.

  • Kisarana

    These people are giving us baptists a bad name. they shouldn’t have the right to call themselves baptist. i know for one that my baptist church is against westboro and believes they are wrong in what they do.

  • Penny Wallingford

    Robin Williams was cremated and his ashes sprinkled in San Francisco Bay.

  • Terri

    Thats not a church that God sees as a church….God loves the sinner but hates the sin.

  • Will

    I’ve never seen anything close to their level of homophobia except maybe in self-hating closet cases… Just come out WBC, everyone will be better off..

  • duranie

    I hate god for all the hate his bullshit has caused to the world..he doesn’t even exist and is created by primitive humans to cause fear and hate in the world

    • justin roeder

      It’s not god that you hate. It is mans idea of GOD that you hate. And mans idea of god is only a prop for the government. Powerful men hide behind it, and use it to offer an excuse to the masses why society is so messed up , when in fact it is their politics

  • justin roeder

    Religion is the excuse, Politics are the reason. For American conservative politics to work , it needs religion so as to hide behind. It uses religion to condition the masses that this is the nature of life and that people are just bad. People are not “just” bad. People are conditioned by their government to be bad, as the government then feeds of the dysfunction. Ive read from a credible source that America imprisons more of its own citizens that any other country. Dysfunctional behavior is big business for the government(the conservative government). I know that GOD does not judge any man as GOD knows that we all have great potential. Men judge each other. Men are conditioned to be judged. If we wish for the world to change, we must change. We must banish written religion and must come together to achieve common good. GOD’s commandments do not start with “thou shalt not”, his commandments begin with ” Thou shalt”! Thou shalt breath, thou shalt eat, drink, release waste, sleep , want, and most importantly Thou shalt work. These are the commandments that all men live by regardless of religion. It is always tragic that someone should kill one self , but the delusions that poison the mind are worldly, not to be judged by GOD!

    • Stew DeCrabbe

      Any political candidate, who waves his/hers religion around to gain votes from those who believe their lies, will NEVER get my vote.It has become a real turn off. It makes me less and less a believer, To see one try to use his religion to garner votes, means that he thinks so little of religion, he really doesn’t believe it to begin with!

  • Beck

    They are a bunch of nasty spiteful people. Let the great robin Williams rest in peace, let his family not have to see ignorant idiots talking rubbish. U r an amazing awesume funny brave man who made me laugh, and I want to thank u for that. I understand how tough depression is xxxxxx

    • Stew DeCrabbe

      Robin Williams is more of a man, than these weak minded cretins!

  • ShadowXK


    all i have to say about that

  • Debi

    Guess they missed the funeral