Westboro Baptist Church To Picket Mumford & Sons

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The Westboro Baptist Church got more than they bargained for when they picketed a Vince Gill concert recently due to their belief that his divorce and remarriage makes him an adulterer; when he saw the group standing outside with their signs, he promptly confronted them in an exchange that was documented on video.

Now, the group is setting their sights on the popular bluegrass/folk band Mumford & Sons, releasing a statement on their website regarding the band's blatant support of gay rights and their involvement in "idol worship".

"WBC will picket Mumford & Sons to remind this nation they ought to cast down their false idols and worship the one true God," the statement reads. "The reprobates of this latest generation choose to wallow in the promotion of fag filth despite the clear warning of their God to "flee the wrath to come." Mumford & Sons happily push the soul damning lie that "it's ok to be gay" for filthy lucre's sake. All that money won't buy them one drop of water to cool their tongue as they and fans reside in eternal Hellfire....Mumford & Sons represent nothing new under the sun. Just as the ancient Israelites left their God and set up graven images, so this nation sets up their own graven idols in the forms of these worthless rock stars. WBC will never cease to warn all people to turn from such folly and OBEY their God today!"

The picket will take place outside the band's show in Bonner Springs, Kansas on September 20th. A blogger/fan of the band posted a tweet from the group announcing their intent to picket, saying, "Mumford & Sons fans, be ready to spread only love and not hate on September 20, 2013 in Bonner Springs, Kansas."

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