Westboro Baptist Church Plans to Picket Robin Williams’s Funeral

    August 20, 2014
    Erika Watts
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Even though the plans for Robin Williams’s funeral haven’t be released, as the family wants a private service, the controversial Westboro Baptist Church has announced that the group will picket the beloved comedian’s funeral. This group is known for protesting funerals, including the funerals of Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs, as well as a number of military service members.

The shocking news that Williams passed away came just over a week ago. An autopsy showed that the actor committed suicide by hanging himself with a belt. Williams had apparently battled depression for some time, and his wife revealed that he had been recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. While many have used Williams’s death to promote awareness about depression and other mental illnesses, Westboro Baptist Church has decided to use his death to promote their message of hate. Williams has been targeted because of his portrayal of a gay man in the 1996 film The Birdcage.

In a message posted to the church’s Twitter account, the church says that they plan to preach outside his funeral:

The message appears to be an excerpt of a longer message posted to Instagram, but that particular account doesn’t appear to be active any longer. Telegraph has the rest of the post, which reads, “Westboro Baptist Church hopes to preach in lawful proximity to Robin Williams’ funeral — to warn the living: repent or likewise perish.”

The church also made other posts about Williams’s death, including the following warning. “HEED: You spend your life mocking God and promoting sin, you get no peace.”

In addition to the protest, Westboro Baptist Church plans to put up a billboard and included a picture of Robin Williams within the text “Robin Williams in Hell” as one of the options:

Even though the news that Westboro Baptist Church is planning this picket may be upsetting, the group Planting Peace has put together something of a counter-protest in the form of a fundraiser to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Williams was well known for his support for St. Jude’s and spent a lot of time cheering up the young patients there.

In an interview with Huffington Post, Planting Peace co-founder Aaron Jackson discussed the counter-protest.

“Robin Williams played many different roles in so many people’s lives, and giving back to others was at the top of that list,” said Jackson. “When the WBC announced they were protesting Robin’s funeral, we felt like launching a fundraiser for a charity Robin loved would be the perfect way to honor him and counteract the message of hate and intolerance that the WBC continues to convey.”

Planting Peace is using CrowdRise to raise funds for St. Jude’s in Williams’s honor. You can donate here. The group has raised close to $60,000 for the children’s hospital so far.

  • bobjr4freedom

    Westboro Church is not a church of God.They have no authority in judging anyone.God will judge them the same.Planting Peace good for you.!

  • Sherlock

    I’d like to see them come to Ferguson, Missouri and to Michael Brown’s funeral. I bet we wouldn’t have to worry about them picketing ANYONE’s funeral ever again.

    • JayCee

      They ARE going to Ferguson!!! I AM SO DISGUSTED TO THE CORE!!! On their Twitter page they had a “Michael will BURN IN HELL” sign and said “Michael Brown was raised a brute beast, made to be take and be destroyed.” PLEASE someone give them a taste of their own BULL S%#^!!!! If I was there, I would GLADLY go to jail FOR LIFE to give these PIGS a taste of what REAL hate is!!!!!!! These “people” in this “church” (((CULT)))) make me so sick I could VOMIT!!!!!!!

  • MsBunny

    What an excellent point! If they have the courage of their convictions, they will surely picket the funeral of Michael Brown, right? And, bobjr4freedom is so right when he says that these trolls have no authority to judge anyone on God’s behalf. No worries. They are simply sadists who gather together periodically for a big of fun.

  • cameronlaneissexyashell

    Hmmm big old can of gasoline and a lighter

  • Big One Mamasito

    these God fearing whackos are as deranged as Islamic extremeists….can’t wait for all religions to follow their natural course and become mythologies

    • Skip

      They are atheists just trying to turn people against religion by doing outrageous things. They are simply “troublemakers”.

  • privatedealz

    The Westboro Baptist Church should join ISIS-seems like they would have a lot in common! lol

  • Steve

    Robin Williams brought so much laughter to so many and these people are wanting to once again get their name in the papers by slandering him. They are nothing more than opportunists.
    I am a christian and a Baptist and I cringe when I hear how this group uses God as a weapon to further their agenda.

  • Skip

    they are just a group of atheists trying to get people all riled up over religion. Pay them no attention and they’ll go away. They are given too much attention. Ignore them.

  • colleen

    This is not okay. Regardless of your religious beliefs, you don’t disrupt a funeral. A person died, his family is mourning, it’s not about you.

    • Shana Seals

      Amen to that. You have to be pretty sick and have no heart to go mess with a grieving family. To yell disgusting things to them while they’re paying their respects is just evil! These people are not Christians….

  • Westboro=personality disorders

    These people who participate in the Westboro Church and try to further upset the family and loved ones during their time of grief are abusive bullies and most likely are all mentally ill. These are likely the common threads which attract then to each other. They need prayer and physical intervention to prevent them from acting in such horrendous ways and they likely also need to be medicated. It is doubtful whether receiving some sort of serious and long term counselling would even be able to help them at all since they seem to lack the ability to feel remorse and guilt.

  • yaki534

    And they call themselves Christians. THEY ARE NOT! God demands we LOVE our neighbors. We are to despise the sin tho’. But not the person. They aren’t using ANY form of Christianity. They evidently worship the devil.

  • http://www.tylerstmark.com Tyler St Mark

    Am I the only one who thinks Robin Williams would find the idea of the Westboro Baptist Church picketing his funeral humorous?

    • Madarakita

      I like to like to think he’d make up his own humorous sign and then stand in their midst.

      As Euphegenia Doubtfire of course.

  • jststric

    If you people in media would quit talking about them, they’d go away. Trust me, they won’t be at Williams’ funeral. They’re broke. The only places they’ve gone to in quite some time is within driving distance from Topeka. Their numbers are few, they have no money and get no support. They talk and say things like this just to get everyone riled up and discussed and they get publicity again. Quit talking about them. Quit posting stories about them.

  • MaxdogVF213

    This All Makes Me SICK, People Cant Even Mourn In Peace Any More… Let He Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone! Remember That Passage “Christians”?

  • Love

    The more you talk about these people the more energy you give them. STOP – Stop giving them air time. The more angry you are with them the more you feed into their sickness. You are responsible for your thought and feelings, don’t feed into it.
    Robin Williams and all those loved ones Rest In Peace and God loves and forgives us all.

  • Shana Seals

    I’m so disgusted with these people who have NO right to call themselves Christians! These freaks obviously don’t know, nor have they bothered to read the bible! The bible states only God is to judge, so who are they to run around saying Robin is in hell and that he belongs there? That’s judgement! I’m no bible thumper, but I do believe in a loving God who would absolutely forgive anyone who ends their life due to mental illness. God was with Robin in his darkest and final moments. Only an evil God would punish someone who is incapable of thinking clearly. These freaks need to read the bible and straighten up! They’re disgusting! You have to be a pretty twisted individual to think it’s okay to go destroy a persons funeral and make the families life hell!
    They say they didn’t like how Robin made fun of God and religion, but isn’t that what all comedians do? They make fun of race too. They make fun of aging and gender. It’s called a job! I wish these cockroaches would just go crawl back under their rocks and stay there for good! They have HATE and EVIL in their hearts! They’re the ones who will be in hell……

  • David

    The Pharisees are alive and well in the 21st century.

  • B

    I can’t believe that there is nothing that the state can do to shut down a place that claims they are a church when they are not. I wonder sometimes they say church so they can go around disrespecting funerals, especially military funerals. They should be ashamed of themselves and better worry about their own salvation because all they are doing is spreading hatred.

  • Neilfan1957

    Take away their tax-exempt status. That will hit them where it hurts.

  • john

    This is a domestic terrorist group that is protected by local law enforcement when they go and protest. No law enforcement should ever protect these people and we need to hold a good old fashioned public stoning for trash like this!!!