Wesley Snipes Could Do Blade 4 for $3M

    August 30, 2014
    Mike Tuttle

Actor Wesley Snipes was making bank on the Blade series of movies. After starting his career with more traditional fare, such as Spike Lee’s Mo’ Better Blues, Snipes ended up crafting a place for himself in Hollywood as an action hero. And the Blade series, which cast Snipes as a “daywalker” vampire who hunts other vampires, was his meal ticket.

Then came the tax man. Snipes was convicted of failing to file federal income tax returns and sentenced to three years in prison. late 2010 until mid 2013, Snipes called McKean Federal Correctional Institution his home address.

Now that he is free, Snipes is no doubt eager to get back on top. He has already appeared in Expendables 3. While that film did not make the bank it was hoped to, Snipes did confirm his bona fides as an action star, even at the age of 52. And now he is reportedly would make $3 million for playing the title role in Blade again, as well as a cut of the profits.

Some sources are not so sure about whether this whole deal will materialize. It turns out that the movie rights for the Blade franchise reverted back to Marvel, which is now owned by Disney. Some industry commentators wonder if Disney would want to do something like a Blade movie now.


Mike Tuttle
Writer. Google+ Writer for WebProNews.