Wendy Davis, Texas Senator, To Run For Governor

    October 4, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Wendy Davis, the Texas Democrat who raised eyebrows earlier this year with an 11-hour filibuster of an abortion bill that garnered her thousands of supporters, announced on Thursday that she’ll be running for governor.

Davis says her focus will be education and job creation, and while those things aren’t unique to any politician, Davis has the power of that filibuster on her side. In one day, she went from being a member of the minority party to being the voice of the women who didn’t want to see nearly every abortion clinic in the state closed. Although the restrictions were later passed anyway, what lies on her side is the fact that people stopped to listen.

On Thursday, Davis addressed a group in Texas and emphasized her mission and goals, saying, “We’re here because we want every child, no matter where they start in Texas, to receive a world-class education — an education that can take them anywhere they want to go, so that success and opportunity is within reach of every single Texan and no one in this great state is ever forced to dream smaller instead of bigger.”

Experts say Davis will have an “uphill battle” during her run, as a Democrat hasn’t been elected as Texas Governor in nearly 24 years. Also, she needs to jump on the fundraising, as she’ll need upwards of $35 million to be a serious contender. As of this June, she had raised around $1 million.

Stephanie Schriock, president of the Democratic political action committee EMILY’s List, estimates anyone seriously seeking the Texas governorship would have to raise between $35 million and $40 million.

“If she decides to run, I really do believe Wendy will have the resources she needs to run a winning campaign,” Stephanie Schriock of EMILY’s List said. “We are excited and ready to go.”

Image screenshot via The Washington Post

  • Great

    Just what we need in America. A woman who went on an 11 hour tirade extolling the virtues of pulling apart babies while they are still in a mother’s womb. People do realize that is what happens with abortions right? Babies are literally torn apart. In the waste bags, you will literally find hands, fingers, and toes.

    We have had 55 Million abortions since Roe vs Wade. That is 55 million souls lost. More than all the wars we fought combined. We lost 3,000 people on 9/11 due to “terrorists”, yet every day over 3,000 babies in this country are aborted. While you were reading my small comment, a baby just got killed.

    There are people serving decade long sentences in prison for getting in fist fights but when a woman gets an abortion out of convenience, that is okay. It is the greatest hypocrisy known to man. Get in a fight — lose your life and go to prison. End a life — become a champion for women’s rights and get applauded.

    This nation is so screwed up.

  • joy

    I will be so disappointed if she gets anywhere in her run for Governor. She is for something very horrific, abortion is so inhumane, aren’t we supposed to be going toward being more humane, she is not good for anyone.

  • CurtisH

    Seriously?? Going on a 13 hr tirade about women’s rights somehow qualifies you to be governor? Does she at least have community organizing experience??

  • @Great

    I think you are being too kind. There are men sitting in prison for decades that don’t even have victims but a woman can literally have her baby pulled apart and feminists will cheer. I have seen this happen – literally. Feminists only care about their agenda, their power, and their greed. In a very real way, they care nothing about the mother or the baby.