Wendi Deng Reaches Settlement With Rupert Murdoch

    November 20, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Wendi Deng and Rupert Murdoch have agreed to end their 14-year old marriage amicably, preferring to settle on their own rather than proceed to trial.

The terms of the settlement were not released, but Deng will get to keep the $44 million penthouse the couple shared on the Upper East Side.

“We are pleased to announce that we have reached an amicable settlement of all matters relating to our divorce,” Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng Murdoch said in a joint statement. “We move forward with mutual respect and a shared interest in the health and happiness of our two daughters. We will not comment on this any further.”

The News Corporation CEO married Deng, who is 37 years his junior, just a few weeks after his divorce from Anna Torv, who shares three adult children with him. He also has a daughter with his first wife, Patricia Booker. Murdoch reportedly wanted Deng to keep their New York City home in order to keep things on a more even keel for their daughters, Grace and Chloe.

82-year old Murdoch reportedly has a new girlfriend already–a massage therapist who travels with him–but he has not commented on a relationship.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

  • Funny

    Women talk about the mother penalty and how they aren’t being paid as much as men. I think we should talk about the divorce penalty for men.

    Women are getting outrageous divorce settlements.

    The weird thing is that the women who get the outrageous settlements don’t need the money. They all have their own money and businesses.

    I also don’t believe this nonsense about keeping a woman in the “lifestyle she is accustomed to”. Things change. It is time for them to make their own way in life. Nothing ever stays the same.

    • @Funny

      Murdock could have seen a $1000 a night hooker every day for the entire 14 years of his marriage and still paid less than his divorce settlement. The house is only part of the settlement. It was bought for 44 million and refurbished for an additional 55 million and on top of that there are trusts for all the children and then the prenuptial agreement.

      It would have been cheaper to see the hooker and a lot less stress and nagging.

  • nicole

    Wendi Deng got what she wanted. Nobody would believe that it’s love.

    Now she’s a millionaire 1ith 2 daughters who are both billionaires.