Welcome To YouTube Video Pokes Fun At The Entire Service

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YouTube has become a ubiquitous service that many take for granted, but that doesn't mean it isn't still ripe to be made fun of. While the novelty may no longer be attached to the video hosting service, it's widespread use has led a number of noticeable behavioral patterns has users from all over the globe vie for their shot at Internet fame. And then there's the always-changing YouTube interface. Surely that deserves to be made fun of, as well? This is the approach used by JelloApocalypse, who, aside from possessing a killer user name, has created an awesome parody of what you can expect when using the mammoth web entity known as YouTube.

The video clocks in a just over eight minutes, which means not much escaped JelloApocalypse's biting scorn, a big portion of which focuses on how to become famous on YouTube. Let's just say drawing buxom animated characters is discussed, hence the lead image. If you work at a place that doesn't like bad language, you may want to wait until you're somewhere else that has a more liberal content policy:

From where I'm sitting, that's one of the most accurate parodies I've seen in some time. That doesn't mean everything related to YouTube is worthy of being mocked, but some of this stuff does indeed write itself. Take the YouTube comment sections, for instance. When Google has to develop measures to combat the drastic lack of quality comments many YouTube videos feature, perhaps that behavior is worth being mocked.

While JelloApocalypse may come across as bitter about the entire process, his video certainly brings up some much needed criticisms.