WebsitesForHeroes Adds Corporate Sponsorship

    March 8, 2007

DigitalPost Interactive, a provider of web platforms for digital media sharing and social networking, announced today the launch of a corporate sponsorship program for WebsitesForHeroes, a national service that allows America’s overseas troops to stay in touch with their families by providing interactive family Web sites during overseas deployments.

"In the past few months, we’ve seen a real upsurge in the number of military families waiting for sponsors," said Terry Gniffke, CEO of Caliber Media Group. "Long deployments can make it extremely hard for families to stay connected. But with the help of new corporate sponsors, our brave service men and women can continue sharing life’s most precious moments through the latest technology on the Web, giving them a little piece of home when they need it most." was launched in 2006 by two California men. Terry Gniffke of Caliber Media, a former Marine and Vietnam veteran, and Michael Sawtell, CEO of DigitalPost Interactive, a provider of family Web site technology to keep military families connected.

The site was originally created to allow Americans to sponsor families, but the program has broadened to allow corporate America the chance to sponsor families who are still waiting for sites. The new corporate program allows companies to become silver, gold or platinum sponsors by supporting as few as 25 families.

"These sites provide a whole new way for military families to communicate," said Michael Sawtell, CEO, DigitalPost Interactive. "Through our advanced Web 2.0 platform, spouses on both sides of the ocean can now share videos, photos, online diaries, and even message boards where loved ones can post words of support. The result is a rich, warm family experience that bridges the miles in ways ten minute phone calls simply cannot."

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