Website Marketing Secret Weapon

    July 24, 2003

Every week my website marketing challenge is made a little easier by one email. That when opened tells me exactly what visitors to my sites want.

And don’t you agree website marketing is easier when you know what your visitors want?

Problem is, despite log file analyzers, keyword research tools and the like too many webmasters seem out of the loop when it comes to knowing that. Leaving them groping in the dark without a flashlight.

Which bring me to my secret weapon. And admittedly it’s not the first thing you’d think of when it comes to website marketing.

Curious as to what that is?

Well I’m talking about the list of terms people searched my site for provided free of charge by the site search service I use.

Powered by, this independently hosted search solution not only gives me a fast, ad-free search tool that’s ideal for my sites, it also reveals that critical website marketing intelligence we all crave. That is, exactly what visitors are looking for.

This way if enough visitors are looking for certain info all that’s left is for me to give it to them! Who knew?

Plus there’s nothing to it. The site search is super simple to add to your site using a bit of HTML provided by Atomz.

Oh and did I mention there’s absolutely no cost for sites with fewer than 500 pages?

Then each week just check your inbox. Find out what was searched for plus get hot tips on how to get more out of this service.

For example one recent tip revealed how to redirect visitors to the exact page with the term they were looking for when there is only one page like that on your site.

Another thing? Once set up everything runs on auto pilot. It logs the searches and fires off the weekly keyword report like clockwork. From there I simply track the results with a spreadsheet. Creating content as demand warrants.

Plus since I’m often surprised by what people are looking for, I feel it gives me a heads up on hot topics I may not have gotten wind of yet.

Oh yeah here’s a no charge “idiot proofing” tip. One I wish someone had passed on to me. Do remember to tell Atomz to update the pages indexed from your site once a week.

It’s a once and done kind of thing that I overlooked initially. And I discovered only when doing a test search for a keyword I KNEW was on a page within my site but couldn’t find. Don’t make that same mistake.

Anyway, to find out more about Atomz Free Express Search and how it can help your website marketing efforts visit You may find it’s a website marketing secret weapon you’ll want to add to your site. That way you too can discover what visitors want in your inbox each week.

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