WebSideStory’s Digital Marketing University

    February 13, 2007

WebSideStory’s Digital Marketing University (DMU) is just around the corner in March – and I’m going to be teaching two classes this time. I’ll be doing a hands-on class on Functionalism – which I hope would be useful to almost any web analytics practitioner.

In addition, I’ll be doing a class on advanced Visitor Segmentation in Visual Science. That’s obviously a deep-dive class – and it should be a lot of fun.

I’ve really enjoyed DMU classes in the past – they’re great opportunity all the way around. With everyone having a computer and direct access to the tool, it’s a much better educational experience that just listening to someone talk to Powerpoint slides or screen shots.

I’ve always believed that web analytics is a craft – and like any craft it’s best learned hands-on. As an extra bonus, of course, the DMU is in San Diego. I, like just about everyone else, love San Diego.

You can review all the courses and get more information on the WSS website.

See you there!


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