Webmasters: Where’d My Links Go, Google?

    October 31, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The webmaster forums are lit up with reports that the Google Webmaster Toolbar is showing zero backlinks, and some are reporting a decrease in traffic shortly after.

What’s more, according to the forum reports, these are organic links, not paid links. Google’s assault on paid linking is well-documented by now, but many webmasters are scratching their heads about this one, considering that links are (assumedly) a large consideration of the Google ranking algorithm.

The reports have been made and echoed by members, some reporting that, coupled with their recent drop in PageRank, have seen a decrease in search traffic by up to 15 percent.

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Some suppose that it may be a temporary update and thus, only a fluctuation. Others note that Yahoo is showing all of their backlinks in tact.

"D2002" at DigitalPoint forum says:

One of my websites right now is showing 0 internal/external backlinks in Google Webmaster Tools.

However, when I do a "link:" search in Google, I still get about 1000 results. Yahoo is showing 55,000 links for the entire domain.

Our PR has dropped from 6 to 3 (probably permanently, since we are showing 3s across all datacenters).

Our referral traffic from Google decreased a bit (dropped about 15%) but that could just be a daily fluctuation.

And that report is echoed at Google Groups as well as Webmaster World.

Via SE Roundtable