Webmasters Suspect A Significant Google Algorithm Update Just Happened

By: Chris Crum - August 29, 2012

There are some rumblings that Google may have made a significant update to its algrorithm this week, sometime in the vicinity of August 28. Search Engine Roundtable points to a WebmasterWorld forum thread where some webmasters are commenting on substantial changes in their traffic – some positive, some negative.

Here are a couple sample comments from the forum:

“20% google traffic improvement as of yesterday… Only about 500% left to go to get back to normal… But like the direction!”

“I noticed a massive drop in long tail yesterday. Our site only went live in June, and there have been no indications of Panda/Penguin.”

One reader commented on the SER post, “I’m seeing a very obvious increase in traffic for several large clients, two of which their traffic has increased by about 25% or so – Obviously something is going on, but at least (for once) it doesn’t seem to have affected me negatively!”

Dr. Peter Meyers, who recently shared that interesting data bout Google SERPs with less than ten organic results, at SEOmoz, also commented on the article, indicating that he’s seen “no sign of anything major,” based on MozCast numbers.

There is question as to whether or not Google has tweaked the Penguin update. Another person commenting on that post noted that the lack of more comments doesn’t seem “jarring and jolting”. This is in reference to what Google’s Matt Cutts recently (reportedly) said at SES about what to expect from upcoming updates.

Google updates its algorithms over 500 times a year. Some have far greater impact than others. This could be one of those not so major ones.

We’ve reached out to Google for comment, and will update if we receive one.

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  • http://robertjduncan.me Robert Duncan

    I haven’t seen anything from my clients’ websites

  • http://www.luxurybranded.com Ryan @ Luxury Branded

    Noticed a shift across the board on over 40 clients…something happened on my end!

  • http://www.ypages.pk Mazhar Shahzad

    I notice my website going down after google Algorithm changes, i dont no whats happen if my web not come back

  • http://umstrategies.com Peter Sundstrom

    Haven’t seen any impact yet on my sites, but perhaps the change is still rolling out.

  • http://www.websitestrategies.com.au Ashley Bryan

    All clients rankings increased in the last 3 days. Something has happened.

  • Michael

    I have a website that’s consistently ranked on page one for over a year and now it’s #140+ in Google. Not sure if this will stick, but I haven’t changed anything. It just changed this week on about August 28, 2012. Right about that time, I was also getting an Adsense error message… but that has since disappeared as well. (Note: I have used the same setup for adsense on many sites but this single one (out of all of them) somehow was getting an error message.) Did anyone else get Adsense errors in addition to a loss in page rank?

    • Mike

      Is there an email address for Google if your want to know why on August 28th rankings plummeted but have been overall consistent for 10 years and have not done any trickery, spam, or anything abnormal but have been hit hard on August 28th? Any direction or help would be appreciated. If it’s something that Google is seeing as being spam, we want to fix it as it’s not intentional in anyway. I know we use the same Keyword Phrases for both the title and the heading but that shouldn’t cause issue I wouldn’t think.

      • http://www.landmarkinternet.com Steve Morris

        Google will never tell you anything specific about your site. This would enable webmasters to reverse engineer the algorithm.

  • John

    google not will revert back. after that guys get lot of $$$ after penguin we can expect more dramatically changes. up to all top google organic results will have specially created by google minisites. Surely, it will happen soon. So for my opinion we need to stop follow google webmaster guidelines and go to bing/social engines side. Google have now only $$$ in eyes, it not search engine anymore.

  • http://dehumidifierreviews.us Gil Santos

    I just noticed this article and I also have to say that on the 28th I had a massive change in the SERPS on Google. My website was in page 1-2 then beginning of August it went all the way to the back to about page 78-80. Then on the 28th it came back in full force to page 1, #3-#4. I also didn’t do absolutely nothing! Fingers crossed. Google is very confusing

  • John B

    I think there is an end game. Google controls search and these updates for ‘quality’ will continue for the purpose that those who cannot pay cannot get found.

    Google is beholden to stockholders, and they stockholders have no stake in any other factor than profit; profit = the best paying customers.

    Sorry, free enterprise. Sorry, one-man-shop feeding his family. When someone wants to buy what you are selling, they will only see pages of giant corporations.