Webmaster Tools Gadgets for iGoogle Take A Misstep

    February 29, 2008

Most posts on Google’s official blogs tend to either go unnoticed or be well-received.  A recent one announcing the release of Webmaster Tools Gadgets for iGoogle wasn’t so lucky.

From the standpoint of an outdoorsy person, the post’s beginning is kind of fun – Jonathan Simon compared hikers who hike to those who drag along every gadget and piece of gear they can carry.  It’s only as we get into the more technical stuff that problems arise.

Webmaster Tools Gadgets for iGoogle Take A Misstep
Crawl Errors – A Webmaster Tool Gadget

Simon wrote, "[T]his assumes you’ve already got a Webmaster Tools account and have verified at least one site."  He then highlighted gadgets like "Crawl errors," "Top search queries," and "External links."

Nifty stuff, but "Jim" responded, "[T]he account thing needs to be straightened out.  Google, don’t handicap Google Apps customers.  I have other Google Accounts but I like using all my services on 1 account."

Seven other people expressed similar sentiments.  The Official Google Webmaster Central Blog is one of Google’s busier discussion grounds, so this isn’t too shocking.  But it’s definitely not good.

Simon asked for suggestions regarding new features.  To make users happy, hopefully he and other members of the Webmaster Tools Team will be able to do something about this matter, as well.