Weber Shandwick Hires PR Blogger Jeremy Pepper

    January 30, 2006

Congratulations to Weber Shandwick on hiring PR blogger Jeremy Pepper.

According to, GASP!, the news release “Pepper will serve as group manager in Weber Shandwick’s San Francisco office, working closely with agency clients including Agilent, BEA Systems, Cisco and Hitachi to develop and drive online communications strategies.”

Thankfully Pepper will continue writing his POP! PR Jots blog while working on the Northern California-based team. To the East, he’ll be joined by Weber Shandwick blogger Robert Ricci. Both of you guys need to box Brandon Smulyan’s ears, or send him to the Bad Pitch blog. Then again, I suspect he’s more than learned his lesson.

So we assume this moves Pepper from Scottsdale to San Francisco? Will he have to adapt from running his own shop to joining a large firm? Perhaps, but we’re sure he’ll be fine. My advice to his new co-workers? Take him with a grain of salt. >rimshot< Hat tip to Shel and Neville at For Immediate Release (Show # 107).

Kevin Dugan is the author of the popular Strategic Public Relations blog. Kevin is Director of Marketing Communications for FRCH Design Worldwide.

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