Webby Awards Winners Announced

    May 9, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The real ceremony takes place June 12th in New York, where someone will have to try and beat Al Gore’s five-word acceptance speech – “Please don’t recount this vote.”

All the award winners are restricted to five-word speeches, and anyone who’s stuck for an idea can always fall back on “thank you all very much.” The Webby Awards website listed some of the Special Achievement award winners in a statement.

Newly controversial MySpace founders Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe will receive the Webby Breakout of the Year award. That’s sure to delight Scott Karp at the Publishing 2.0 blog.

The Gorillaz have been dubbed Webby’s Artist of the Year, while Thomas Friedman, New York Times columnist and Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The World is Flat: A Brief History of The 21st Century, snares the Webby Person of the Year award.

Dr. Robert Kahn, co-inventor of TCP/IP, picks up the award that Gore received last year, the Lifetime Achievement Award. Maybe his speech will be “keep on sending those packets.”

The Webby tradition has been to limit acceptance speeches to five words. We’ll be very impressed to see what the Webby Entrepreneur of the Year, the loquacious Mark Cuban, can accomplish in five words.

A full list of the 69 winners of the Webby Awards, as well as the People’s Choice selections and all of the nominees, may be viewed online.


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