Web Site Wants You To Sing To Find Song

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Have you ever had a familiar song stuck in your head but were unable to remember the title? There is a new search system that wants to help users identify those elusive songs and reduce the frustration that is involved.

Melodis Corporation, a developer of search and sound recognition technologies, has launched MARS Search, which allows users to search for music by singing, whistling or humming part of a song to identify the track.

Multimodal Recognition System (MARS) Search will be featured on midomi.com, a free online community for music fans. Their goal is to create a comprehensive database of searchable music based on user contribution.

“With midomi.com we have created one of the most entertaining search engines on the web,” said Keyvan Mohajer, CEO, Melodis Corporation. “Users of midomi.com will be able to both search our extensive database as well as help grow it; when a user tags (sings and saves) their favorite songs, the submissions immediately become part of the searchable MARS universe.”

The MARS system works by using voice-activated search technology. It takes into account a variety of variables including speech, pitch, tempo, and location of pauses. Users can sing, hum or whistle the song they are searching for and receive results.

“We are very excited to introduce this new technology into the market. It fills a necessary search void while allowing users to listen to thousands of songs,” said Keyvan Mohajer. “MARS Search is the next step in adaptive sound recognition technology and provides an easier way to find the music you love. MARS Search will continue to grow in scale and capabilities with future applications.”

Midomi.com allows users to create their own profile, sing and share songs with others users while adding to the music database. Users can also rate performances of others, view photos, and send messages. Original music and concert tickets are also available.

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Web Site Wants You To Sing To Find Song
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  • JimmyJackFunk21

    Midomi’s product is interesting, but I don’t know how much every-day use I would have for it. I think Mercora’s online catalog makes them way better; I would rather use them than Midomi. Just my two cents.

  • alejandro

    do you know if a place where one can find a song recording with the own voice the first notes exists?

  • http://www.melodycatcher.com/ Guest

    The MelodyCatcher:

  • http://www.melodycatcher.com/
  • is a new melody finder. Its matching technique is focused on monophonic and well defined on-line audio sources, and therefore highly accurate. Some ten of the first notes of a melody have to be played on a virtual keyboard before searching, to find the wanted song, when available in the database, in top of the results. The system is based upon on-line sources of such audio files, found by a web crawler. In the results the user can play the the wanted melody and find its title, while he is also linked back to the source site of that melody.