Web Services-based APIs

    October 12, 2004

Plumtree Software launched Web services-based Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for Plumtree Collaboration and Search Server that will dramatically increase the speed and flexibility with which Plumtree customers can assemble composite applications.

“We developed a highly successful application for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance using Plumtree’s open and flexible platform,” said Stuart Claggett, chief operating officer at HandySoft. “The new remote APIs for Collaboration and Search Server expand on that open platform and will let us add new collaborative and search elements to future versions of the SOXA Accelerator more quickly and easily.”

Using Plumtree’s Web services-based APIs, developers can embed elements of Plumtree’s proven collaboration and search products in a variety of Web applications inside and outside of the portal. As a result, Plumtree customers are able to build more cohesive, contextual applications to serve their customers, partners and employees.

“Since its inception, Plumtree has designed its software to access and assemble heterogeneous services over the Web, regardless of their physical location,” said Eric Zocher, vice president of product development at Plumtree Software. “With our new Web services-based APIs, we are expanding our library of application services for developers, letting them assemble applications from diverse remote services while maintaining one cohesive user experience.”

Plumtree will host a three-part Technical Web Seminar Series on the most popular uses for Plumtree Collaboration and Search Remote APIs:

— November 4 — “Overview of Plumtree Collaboration and Search Remote APIs”

— November 11 — “Using the Collaboration Remote API”

— November 18 — “Using the Search Remote API”

The public can register for these seminars at www.plumtree.com/04/apis.

Developers Can Now Leverage Application Services from Proven Plumtree Products

Traditionally, applications have been expensive and time-consuming to customize. Web services-based APIs for Plumtree’s Collaboration and Search Servers enable companies to surpass that hurdle by allowing developers to pick and choose services from Plumtree’s proven products and assemble them in a modular fashion.

The Collaboration Remote API lets developers embed features from Plumtree Collaboration Server, such as document sharing, document versioning, calendars, task lists or threaded discussions as individual components in a composite application. For instance, using the Collaboration Remote API, developers can build a customer support application where a collaborative space or discussion is attached to each support incident so that support engineers can work with customers to resolve incidents in a more timely and high-touch fashion.

The Search Remote API lets developers embed services from Plumtree Search Server, such as advance search capabilities and targeted search results, in their own application with relatively little investment. For instance, using the Search Remote API, developers can build a support application with a targeted, contextual search for support engineers who want to sort searched incidents by priority, days outstanding, or those that require 24-hour turnaround. As a result, enterprises can improve support effectiveness by providing highly relevant searches that enable quicker resolution of issues.

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