Web Prima Donnas

    February 25, 2004

After just one year of having a web site I now feel compelled to write from the other side of the trenches.

In February last year seeing a change in my company and with the need to increase business I finnally pressed the domain names I own in to action.

I hired a bright young thing to get the design for my basic four page site off the ground. So much for four pages I learned quickley that to convey a concept on the net no amount of pages will ever satisfy the thirst of a user.

I also learned that the bright light extinguished shortly after the project start and ambivelance became the rule.

What I also learned was that just because a guy canproduce a cool looking site he probaly knows nothing about how to reach search engines.

I spent a fortune with Trellian and others putting in similar listings with the variious engines. Then I hit the holy grail pay per click – A feindish device constructed to ease further money from my coffers.

Happy days many enquires and 1500+ bills. Now in defence of Google they were quick to hear my shreik and help me target. But in the case of Overture it seems they think they know better what the public wants when trying to search.

Fools! If I want to spend money and reach and audience who dont know a Sedan from a Limo I want to choose and make the mistake. A technocrat in California or Dublin telling me what will do and not do ids not the way to do business and much like Looksmart who ignored emails the wooden spoon goes to you!

Dmoz is another case in point. I have afeeling that answering an email or changing or adding a listing is below the individual clique who run this ‘ Shadowy organization’

I have heard from SEO’s who bemoan this organization. They are right! The net is for all it is not up to a jealous few to thwart the attempts of others to reach an audience.

It is time for Google to cut the apron strings and leave home! Dmoz serves no purpose.

Much as it seems MSN got the same feeling about Looksmart they realised the consumer and the serious business were being ignored by them and they walked away.

My two peices of advice are find a good SEO and be smart enough to give a toll free number where the public can reach you if they need to!We have a toll free number from the USA to the UK. The Reverse is available too! We serve many US seniors who can search but cant email. Sometimes a frendly voice will make the sale!

I run a Chauffeur Ground Transportation Company in London and have taken responsibility for my own site which has been up just a year. In that time I have learned the trials and tribulations of the net.