Web Operates At 28,000 Pervs-Per-Second

    May 14, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The US might consume 40% of the world’s oil, but also provides almost 90% of the world’s Internet porn. A fair trade? Well, let’s not get into that debate.

That number comes from Good Magazine’s video presentation on the subject, a PG-13 HD send up complete with a Sharpie-enhanced school girl tart – not that we endorse such thing; not that there’s anything wrong with that.

You could spend a couple of minutes reading the most exciting survey report yet devised by men (and I mean, most likely by men), or you can remain relatively sinless by staying right here.

We’ll understand if we don’t see you again. According to the "footnote" (literally, a note on Ms. Kelle Marie’s foot), the stats come from (we think, but it was hard to pay attention) MSNBC, TopTenReviews.com, and Alexa.

According to the video, the United Kingdom and Germany are dropping the erotica ball, taking up just 3% and 4% of Web porn market share. With the US at 89%, that leaves the rest of the world producing a paltry 4%.

(So far, there have been at least five opportunities to insert an inglorious, gratuitous, inappropriate pun, but we’ve risen above, now haven’t we? But if the text hasn’t been titillating – woops – enough, feel free to go back over and add your own apropos adjectives, pervert.)

The survey also found that at any given second of the day, over 28,000 Web users are downloading erotic material of some kind, accounting for over one third of all Internet downloads.

When I say Web users, I mean men, who make up 72% of that 28,000 pps (pervs per second). And really, with 372 million pages, and 266 new porn sites piling up daily, they’ve quite the selection.

Most of the time (70%), they do it at work. Be sure to call, IM, or knock the next time you need to pop in for a chat with a colleague. There’s a good chance Mr. CantSurfAtHome has his credit card out, spending part of the $89 per second the world is dropping on pr0n. That amounts to nearly a $3 billion industry.

The smut business is so good online, that 12% of all websites are devoted to it. But just like everything, if it wasn’t in demand, nobody would supply it – a quarter of all Web searches are pornographic in nature.

And apparently any depiction will do as regular old vanilla "sex" is still the most-used keyword. Most of the time that word leads them to AdultFriendFinder, which is the third most visited website, according to this survey, just after MSN.com and YouTube.