Web 2.0 Online Woes Persist

    December 19, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Typepad seems to have overcome its recent 18-hour outage and RSS reader site Bloglines has a datacenter migration planned; but recent Yahoo acquisition of social bookmarking site del.icio.us now has the “Closed” sign posted.

Web 2.0 Online Woes Persist
Web 2.0 Hits Some Speedbumps

Visitors to popular bookmarking site del.icio.us are welcomed this morning with a message about the service’s unavailability:

Due to the power outage earlier in the week, we appear a number of continued hiccups. We’ve taken everything offline to properly rebuild and restore everything. I apologize and hope to have this resolved as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued patience.

Updates will be posted on our blog as we have them.

At 8:00 am ET, del.icio.us was still leaving a taste of disappointment with its users.

Bloglines has been fighting the perils of success itself. They have scheduled a move to a new datacenter for December 19th, and the service will be unavailable until 8:00 pm PT.

As for Typepad, all appears to be well again. The latest updated from the popular blogging service shows green lights and Up statuses for Typepad’s blogs and services:

As of 4:00 am PST (Sunday) morning, most photos or files uploaded over the past several days have been restored. We are working on the remaining images and this should be complete by this evening.

On Friday, Typepad noted issue with its “primary disk system where data from published blogs are stored.” Technorati’s Niall Kennedy had more on the problem posted to his site. He interviewed Six Apart VP of Professional Products Anil Dash and asked what happened:

I felt a little bit like Charlie Brown when Lucy pulls the football out. It was absolutely one of those situations where we had tackled the problems that caused application performance issues in the past and we wanted to make sure we were bulletproof. At the point where we are kind of putting up another line of defense we kind of hit ourselves on the head and got knocked out. The timing was terrible and it just one of those things where Murphy’s Law will just always win.

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