Web Marketing and Customer Facing

    June 12, 2007

Last week, I posted about how big-company marketers must influence other employees within their company to make the most of the new Internet marketing opportunities. But someone commented to me, "Well, not everyone must be influenced, right? I mean, not everyone is customer-facing." So it made me wonder just who is "customer-facing" in Web marketing?

"Customer-facing" seems to me to be just another piece of business jargon that may be wearing out its usefulness. Another person once lamented, "I’m not considered ‘customer-facing,’ so does that mean that I am turning my back on our customers?" I advised him to "just show a little shoulder."

You see, with Internet marketing, just about everyone is customer-facing.

Anyone in your company can be a blogger. Or haunt the message boards. Or optimize your Web pages for search. Or record a podcast.

So, maybe it is an overstatement to say that absolutely everyone is customer-facing, but everyone potentially is. Don’t let your competitors swarm your customers with their employees while you sit back and think marketing is for the marketing department and sales is for the sales department. Decide to become customer-facing today and to start recruiting the rest of your company, too.