Web Analytics World: Celebrity Writer Week

    September 12, 2006

At Web Analytics World, I am very proud to feature Celebrity (guest) writer week.

The guest authors are very well known individuals in the Search Engine Marketing and Web Analytics Industry. Each of them will be contributing with a post on Web Analytics World regarding a topic of their choice.

I’d like to introduce you to our celebrity writers:

Tuesday: Avinash Kaushik – Avinash is the Director of Web Research & Analytics at Intuit Inc. He is responsible for the business, technical and strategic elements of the research & analytics platform that supports decision making for Intuit’s 60+ ecommerce and non-ecommerce websites. Avinash’s offers people a wealth of knowledge through his very popular blog: Occam’s Razor.

Wednesday: Jennifer Laycock – Jennifer is the chief editor of SearchEngineGuide. She has been involved with Internet marketing since 1995 and is regularly featured at the Search Engine Strategies Conference. Her writing has been featured on well known sites such as Search Engine Watch and About.com.

Thursday: Gord Hotchkiss – Gord is currently the chair of SEMPO and is the President/CEO of the SEM firm: Enquiro Search Solutions. You can find Gord speaking at major shows such as: Search Engine Strategies and Webmaster World. Over the last 10 years Gord has established himself as one of the industry leaders in terms organic research and search strategies.

Friday: Rand Fishkin – Rand is the Owner and operator of SEOmoz, the tools, blog, articles and resources therein. He is also the CEO of a Seattle-based SEO company and a frequent speaker at the Search Engine Strategies conferences.

Avinash will kick start things on Tuesday with his thoughts on why Web Analytics is suddenly so hot.

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