Web Analytics Predictions for the New Year

    December 14, 2007

If you’re looking for Web Analytics predictions for 2008 then I recommend checking out Rich Page’s blog where he posts about his thoughts for what’s to come in 2008.

It’s a very quick read and jam packed with big-time predictions. Here are Rich’s thoughts for Web Analytics in 2008:

  • Jan 2008 – Core Metrics acquire Web Trends.
  • Mar 2008 – Amazon.com gets into web analytics!
  • May 2008 – Disaster for Microsoft Site Analytics.
  • June 2008 – WebTrends continues its spending spree!
  • August 2008 – Omniture offers free analytics solution.
  • December 2008 – Big acquisition shock – Google Buys Omniture.

Here are my thoughts:

I think WebTrends will get acquired but I am not sure if it will be Coremetrics that does it, I still think it will be Omniture who will purchase WebTrends while continuing to build its massive market share.

Microsoft Analytics could potentially be a disaster but most likely if they don’t do something drastic to catch up to Google Analytics.

Will Google Buy Omniture? This would be huge because then Google would control search, social networks, mobile and then the majority market share to measure all the various types of marketing…I am not convinced that this will happen.

Love the list Rich!: http://rich-page.com/web-analytics/nostradamus-and-web-analytics-2008-predictions/