Web 2.0: Technology To Improve Marketing

    May 11, 2007

Technology has made life easier for all of us, but the best part is it will continue to improve our lives. In an interview with WebProNews at the Web 2.0 Expo, Nitobi CEO Andre Charland spoke with us about his company and their developments.

Nitobi is a company that provides web applications for web developers, but they strive to build their technologies for the end user. They construct their technology in order for it to be simple and basic. Nitobi has a suite comprised of Ajax user-interface components that they provide to webmasters.

According to Charland, the goal of Nitobi is to make Ajax easier for users to understand. Building Ajax takes a lot of planning and preparation. It’s not something that companies can simply delve into and succeed. It can be very beneficial to companies, but it must be applied correctly.

Charland explained to WebProNews their latest development, Robot Replay. It allows a company to watch an actual re-enactment of user interaction on their website. These interactions include mouse clicks, page scrolls, and any other user actions. Robot Replay can be used as a very effective tool for marketers.

To understand more about Ajax and Robot Replay, watch our exclusive interview with Andre Charland.