Weather Channel Ready For Some Football

    November 8, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The Weather Channel has added forecast videos for NFL cities to its website, as they tap the League’s popularity while adding some trivia to their weather reports.

A new feature at appeals to the pigskin fans out there. New video segments geared toward the tailgating, cheering hordes descending on stadiums each Sunday liven up the typical forecast.

They have started with three videos for games that could be affected by the drop in temperature now that November is under way.

The segments weigh in at about 90 seconds, plenty of time to find out if the Giants have an advantage over the Cowboys in their upcoming late afternoon rematch this weekend. It turns out the Cowboys aren’t so great when the temps drop below 59 degrees: only 4-4 over the last year and a half.

Other videos looks at the Browns-Steelers matchup in Pittsburgh (forecast = chilly), and Vikings-Packers (forecast = astonishingly warm for Lambeau Field).

We would like to see The Weather Channel link videos from the team pages they maintain, when those videos are available. Currently, getting to those videos means finding the link on the ‘Weather for NFL Games’ page and browsing the menu for them.