Weather Channel on Google Maps/Earth

    January 11, 2008

I’m a google gadget freak… I admit it. My iGoogle homepage is so jam packed with cool stuff, so much so its getting hard to locate the gadgets I need!

This week another very cool Map driven mapplet and gadget were made available from the Weather Channel – now weather on demand is even more accessible to me.

The widgets can be added to your custom home page, however, I don’t see a Google+Maps+Content” title=”mapplet”>mapplet available yet even though news just out today indicates it is available – oh, hold on, try searching for "weather channel" (XML file here) rather than simply "weather" – that’s odd! (weatherbonk, accuweather and others have these available) To add weather channel gadgets to your google home simply login, add stuff, and search for weather.. quite simple.

And finally, weather channel is also available for Google earth as a layer or rich information… see news – The Weather Channel Interactive Introduces New Weather Mapplet for Google Maps; Selected to Provide Weather Data Layer for Google Earth – details as follows – The weather data layer on Google Maps and Earth features current conditions powered by HiRAD (High Resolution Aggregated Data), which is an exclusive patented technology developed by The Weather Channel that delivers a more local snapshot of current weather conditions for the contiguous United States.

HiRAD combines traditional weather observations with data obtained by Doppler radar, satellite, lightning strike detection, computer models, and climate profiles to provide unique conditions for 1.9 million locations.