We Love Linux, Google, And Apple

    February 18, 2005

Just for fun, I started typing in “I hate (brand)” in Google to see what comes up. I then got curious about the findings for “I love (brand).”

What Is Your Love/Hate Score?

Try this concept on your site. You could be suprised by the result. Do you have any other “games” you play with Google or any other search engine? Discuss at WebProWorld.

Here’s the love/hate score for a random selection of brands. While I was at it, I did a “passion index” against the average number of comments for these brands (positive or negative). Microsoft, Walmart, Comcast and McDonalds are the big losers on the Love/Hate score. No surprise. (And yes, this is the random stuff I do when I’m procrastinating.)

Brand Hate Love L/H Score Passion Score
Linux 3860 34000 8.8 358.8
Google 1170 22900 19.6 233.2
Microsoft 16600 5990 0.4 214.1
Apple 696 16100 23.1 159.2
McDonalds 3540 2730 0.8 59.4
Yahoo 2800 2950 1.1 54.4
Target 438 4950 11.3 51.1
Walmart 4850 534 0.1 51
Dell 2410 2240 0.9 44.1
Ikea 469 3350 7.1 36.2
Comcast 1800 318 0.2 20.1
Starbucks 861 878 1.0 16.5

Big thanks to Christopher for helping me get this info into a table format!

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