3 Ways to Make Money From Pay Per Click Advertising

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If you own a website, you’ve probably looked far and wide for ways to increase the income from it, right? And chances are, you’ve tried or thought about trying, to use Pay Per Click to your advantage. But did you know that there’s more than one way to do this? Here are three…

1. Place Pay Per Click Ads – Ok this is the most known method of using PPC. You place ads with Google or Overture, and try to generate as much targeted traffic as you can to your website, or to a specific affiliate program. This can generate money – sometimes a lot – but you also have to spend, and continue spending, in order for it to be effective.

2. Run Pay Per Click Ads On Your Website - Google made this popular with their AdSense program. If they accept your site, you’ll be able to insert AdWord Ads into your website pages. You can customize these by keyword so they’ll match your site content, and you can even filter out competitors if you’d like. If your site visitors click an ad, you’ll be paid a portion of whatever that advertiser’s keyword bid is. The downside here of course, is that the ads actually look like ads. And though they’re a bit more dynamic than banners or buttons, they’re still limited to the keywords and phrases you choose to show.

3. Put a PPC Search Engine On Your Website – This is my favorite method because it is highly customizable. You can place a search box on your site, and let visitors search on their own terms. You can put categories on your site, and automatically generate search results from those categories. And you can simply integrate specific keyword search results on any page of your site. The search results, categories, and search boxes actually look like they’re part of your site – Not like ads. And each time someone clicks on a particular search result, you can earn income.

There are actually many search engines that allow you to do this, but they’re not advertised broadly. You have to search a bit just to find them :) My favorite one is here though: http://www.GuruGazette.com/resources/21-1.html

And you can see it in action by visiting: http://www.GuruGazette.com/SearchResults.html

It’s a quick and easy way to set up custom-looking content on any website, and potentially earn some money on the side too.

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3 Ways to Make Money From Pay Per Click Advertising
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