Watching YouTube Videos on Your Microwave

Duo Develops YouTube-Capable Microwave Oven

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There’s a microwave that has been getting some attention this week. It’s called CastOven, and it plays YouTube videos while you cook your food. Not only does it play videos, but it plays videos specifically catering to the amount of time you have the microwave set for.

The CastOven was created by two designers from Keio University in Japan, Keita Watanabe, Ph.D. and Shota Matsuda. Their description of the CastOven reads as follows:

CastOven is a future microwave oven, which plays a You Tube movie clip to fit into your cooking time. Watching movies, playing video games, and browsing web pages are fun, but all of them require certain amount of time of us to spare. For example, one would hesitate to purchase a new roll playing game, because it would take him some tens of hours to clear the game. We think differently. One should not make his activities adjusted to a length of contents, but the contents should make adjustment to it.

Our effort around the concept of “Ubiquitous Society” was over. We have been taking a novel step along the idea of “how those products and services have users spent their time?” The next business market is placed at the core, where a time as a flow of user’s activities.

Seeing it in action is a little more impressive. Watch the following clip to see how it works:

Here’s a look at how it’s put together:


CastOven has already won a couple of awards: Best Demonstration at the Workshop on Interactive Systems and Software and the Outstanding Performance Award and Jury’s Special Award at the Mashup Awards 5.

The CastOven doesn’t appear to be a product that is available to buy at this point, and there is likely more work to be done on it, but it is a pretty interesting concept. Wouldn’t you agree? Share your thoughts here.

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Watching YouTube Videos on Your Microwave
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  • http://greengoodsguide.com bj

    If this is automatically picking up videos based ONLY on the time factor, it’s not going to show me anything I care to see. There’s a lot of awful dreck on youtube.

  • agile

    WOW!! I could cut my fingers off preparing my meal while I watch a video!!! What bonehead came up with this distraction? Isn’t it bad enough that people are so distracted they drive off the road while texting. GET A REAL LIFE!!!!

  • http://www.laokay.com Adsense Publisher

    How about cheaper prices on appliances because ads will display for products on the display?

    That $50 microwave with all the neat bells and whistles, for $10!

    The fancy fridge with lots of room for $300, knocked down to $99!

    All because ads will display.

    Now, how do you get those ads to be relevant to something you’d buy?

    Well in the case of the fridge, tiny little scanners could see the bar codes as you place them in the fridge. This will also allow the fridge to know what you use the most as it tracks what goes out and what does in, and how often. All of this information would be transmitted to the ad server, which if you got the fancy model with the printer, could show you coupons for items you might be interested in, and then you could print them out right there and take them with you to the grocery store.

    As for the microwave, perhaps instead of reading the directions, you could scan the bar code and it would program the microwave for right power and time program for whatever it is you are trying to nuke & server.

    • http://www.kkominc.com Cathy Dunham

      AdSense Publisher – You have the most logical and useful suggestion of all. “instead of reading the directions, you could scan the bar code and the microwave would program itself for the right power and time for whatever it is that you are trying to nuke.” THAT is something I would actually buy… Kudos to you, Dude!

  • http://www.twitter.com/brentgrab Brent Grablachoff

    Why on earth would I want this? Seems like a big waste of money to me.

  • The Cook

    Being A Guy – And Not A Very Good Cook – Why Would I Want To Look At a Toaster Oven ?
    But Geting Down To Cooking – A Tryed Cooking Boiled eggs In My Microwave – Dident Go well At All – A Super Heated The Water To Core Tep – Resulting In A Melt Down – The Door Burst Open Glass And Water N Egg Every Where – Just glad A Was Not Watching Youtude Then – Same Again With Baked Potato – So I just Look At Microwave And Grunt – But Yes What Insurance Will This Business Carry?

  • http://anabolicsandmesobolin.com/ jasonflops

    Nicely, it simple way to create some food. I love using microwave for create many food. Your video make it so easy to use. Thanks.

  • http://www.sitebyjames.com James

    Currently, I press “start”, and then turn my head towards the television. When I hear the beep, I know my food is done and I return the microwave.

    This is truly an innovation where some of our top educated students are paving the way for real advances in our society. With this new oven, I won’t have to turn my head towards the TV or listen for the beep. The video will just end, I will be able to eat faster than ever before!

    Think of all the extra years in saved minutes which we be added to my life. 5 Stars. A+

  • http://www.kkominc.com Cathy Dunham

    Totally agree with BJ’s comment on the vast irrelevancy of YouTube videos selections based on a microwave’s cooking time. Perhaps if one could choose categories of interest and block the adult ones (for kid-friendly kitchens), then maybe consumers would consider purchasing a CastOven. However, without the ability to block X-rated videos, consider how horrible it would be for our little ones to be making an afternoon snack and subjected to heaven-knows-what! Or perhaps something gross would appear making us lose our appetite to consume whatever it was we were nuking in the first place (sidetracking our primary goal).

    AND, if the CastOven’s main selling point is videos shown automatically based on cooking minutes and seconds entered, will I be watching the same video everytime I pop popcorn, heat up a slice of apple pie, or cook my Lean Cuisine?? Besides, what percentage of YouTube videos fall into the exact cooking times of 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, or 0:30?

    It makes sense to post “ads” or “info” on gas pumps, cash machines, etc. While microwaves do fall under the category of “Activities with Standby Useless Minutes”, it’s an item that we will buy for our homes. I don’t see how the two designers of this “idea” can possibly show any REAL VALUE to consumers that would entice us to actually buy one. Perhaps these two should’ve taken some marketing classes while they were at Keio University. :)

  • Guest

    Do you bake those rolls in the oven too? Japan really thinks outside the cardboard box!

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