Watch Videos in Your Gmail Chat

    January 22, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google has added a new feature to Gmail, which allows users to watch videos within their chat windows. This eliminates the need to leave your Gmail window when someone sends you one.

"My friends always hate it when I multi-task in other tabs while chatting with them (they can tell because of my obviously delayed reactions…)," says Google Software Engineer Jessan Hutchison-Quillian. "But sometimes it’s not my fault: if they send me a link to a YouTube video, I have to open another tab in order to watch it."

Jessan reminds us, "Just remember to say something every once in a while or your friends will probably catch on that you’re enjoying the dramatic chipmunk more than their conversation…"

Gmail Labs
This is just the latest of a slew of features Gmail has been launching in either regular Gmail or Gmail Labs recently. These include the "Send & Archive" button, voice and video chat, SMS chat, tasks, etc. You can always check out all of the cool features in Gmail Labs by clicking the little green icon at the top of your gmail window (pictured above). You don’t need to activate a lab to watch videos in your chat window though.