WATCH: Trailer For MTV's Six-Part Documentary Series, "Rebel Music"


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The name Shepard Fairey may not mean anything to you, but chances are you're very familiar with his work. Fairey is the renowned graphic artist who created the Andre the Giant OBEY sticker and the famous Barack Obama HOPE poster.

For the time being Fairey is stepping away from his stenciling to executive produce a six-part documentary series for MTV called, "Rebel Music." The series examines the activist art movement in six sports from around the globe: India, Mexico, Afghanistan, Mail, Egypt and Israel / Palestine. Each 30-minute episode will profile a group of musicians / artists given them a platform showcase their artwork and how they hope it can entice change in their country.

Below you can read an official synopsis for Rebel Music:

"Rebel Music is a powerful new six-part series that looks into the lives of young people who are using art and music to ignite change around the world. Each episode highlights a new group of fearless youth who are fighting injustice with passion and creativity. Exposing audiences to inspiring stories from Egypt, Mali, Israel/Palestine, Afghanistan, Mexico, and India, Rebel Music is a portrait of those risking their lives today in the pursuit of a better tomorrow."

Rebel Music is slated to debut on mtvU on Monday, November 18th. After each episode airs, they'll be made available on the official website,