Watch Those SEO Costs

You could be overpaying for some basic services

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Some firms may try to charge what we can only describe as overly generous margins on certain services.

WebProNews pop quiz – I’d like to charge you $3,000 to submit your website to 100 directories. Your response to this should be:

  1. Handing me a check for the full 3 Gs, made out to my design firm, C. Ash

  2. A hearty chuckle followed by a brisk run away
  3. Several whacks with a tire iron

We can’t advocate violence or other such punishments, richly deserved though they may be. The thoughts you entertain in privacy about such a deal may be as detailed as you like; go wild.

The maxyRO blog said they have seen this level of pricing for directory submission, a service they feel might be worth $50, based on charges for it by manual submission services. Nice work, if you can get someone to pay for it.

MaxyRO also criticized overpriced article writing and submissions ($100), rewriting and resubmitting that article to more sites ($50), and keyword ranking consulting ($300). Plus SEO consulting by phone; “I can imagine a call center with bored teens reading some script,” said the blog.

Naturally, worthy SEO businesses exist. Word of mouth is one way to find a good one. Ask other businesses you trust what they did with SEO, then look for them via their expected niche keywords to see where they rank.

If they rank well in search, top 5 or better, the choice that business made could be the right one for you.

Watch Those SEO Costs
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  • http://superseosubmitter.com Thomas Richmond

    Thank you for the artical of SEOs , interesting subject and well worth knowing, yes word of moth is best than just searching for an engine to help you i agree.

  • http://www.wsop-freeroll.com WSOP Freeroll

    Nice advice on looking the company up if they cant rank themselves how can they help you

  • http://www.riversagency.com Advertising Agency Raleigh

    There are alot of firms that overcharge due to high overhead costs and just simply greed. – Lauren

  • Guest

    I believe the intent was to look up the company that referred you to the SEO provider… If the company who was a past client of the SEO provider is not well ranked, then maybe they didnt get their money’s worth.

  • http://www.crearecommunications.co.uk search engine ricky

    True, but with the current company i work for all SEO is subject to no contract, usually because what we do works. Plus its easier for every body.

  • http://www.sussex-marketing-websites.co.uk J Macdonald

    It’s an unfortunate fact that there will be companies that overcharge and spin a “smoke and mirrors” story when they are dealing with companies and personnel who have little or no understanding of the subject matter.

    The fault lies with both parties, no less with the buyer if they don’t do the research or understand what they are buying.

    In addition, in all business scenarios there is a “profit to cost” relationship. If the buyer will make a million by carrying out a piece of marketing well then the actual cost of the marketing including any learning curve mistakes may be insignificant. They just need to get it done.

    Its hard for overcharging to occur if a company gets detailed estimates from more than one supplier. Any other method introduces the risks mentioned here.

  • http://www.seowebdesignfirm.com SEO Agency Syracuse

    There are definitly alot of things a business can do on their own in regards to SEO.  They just have to watch and know exaclty what an agency is charging them for, and then work with the agency to figure out what the business can do.  I guess this comes down to training and education from an SEO standpoint.

  • http://web-ebiz.blogspot.com Peintros

    Patience is a virtue, many tend to forget that when it comes to seo, thus they rush……All that for negative results in the end.

  • http://www.lightingsupply.com/incandescent_bulbs/reflectors/r14_-_r16.aspx r14 bulb

    Great article…there are alot of bad seos out there watchout

  • http://www.webtacs.net/ WebTacs | Web Development

    I think that this is a good lesson. You should very well keep all of this in mind when you are buying an advertising service.

  • http://www.pactotransportes.com.br transportes

    I think some companies overcharge, but it

  • http://www.transrocha.com Transportadora

    very good

  • http://www.trendmx.com trendmx guaranteed seo

    With so many choices and varying opinions even by the experts on what works and what doesn

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    I think that this is a good lesson.

  • Andr√©

    good lesson, Thanks
    Redes de proteção

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