Watch Some Battlefield 4 "Levolution" In Action


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One of the more impressive aspects of Battlefield 4's multiplayer is a new feature called "levolution." It allows players to drastically change the map by destroying a landmark that then opens up new areas of play while restricting others.

To give players a glimpse of how this feature works, EA recently interviewed DICE's Thomas Andersson to get a behind the scenes look at a level called Flood Zone. In this map, there's a broken levee that's leaking water. If players destroy that levee, the streets are then flooded with water making it impossible for land vehicles to traverse the map. From there, the map becomes an aquatic battlefield with players able to either swim into buildings to find sniper areas or they can commandeer boats to patrol the now flooded streets.

Over the weekend, EA announced all 10 multiplayer maps that will ship with Battlefield 4. Of course, Flood Zone is included, but EA also announced a the final 10th map that will ship with the game - Zavod 311. This particular map takes place in a run down Soviet era tank factory that houses an undetonated warhead. If players detonate it, a large chimney will fall and make it much more difficult for vehicles to move in the area.

If you want to see some levolution for yourself, those who got into the Battlefield 4 multiplayer beta can start preloading it now. It will go live on October 1 for all those who preordered the game. A public open beta will then begin on October 4.

[Image: eavision/YouTube]