Watch Out For These Alerts or Scams!

    June 27, 2003

Cashier’s Checks as Good as Cash? Watch out for cashier’s checks – treat them as a regular check and NOT instant access to cash. Make sure to wait 7-10 days for it to officially clear and call your back for verification of funds being truly cleared. Many scammers are using official looking “cashier’s checks” to pay for cars, or for products (and many write the check in an amount over the purchase amount, asking then for an immediate refund in the excess amount). The responsibility is usually on the consumer side, and not on the bank’s side. You’ll be liable for the deficiency in funds. Do not refund anything or spend any of the money in a cashier’s check until at least 7 days of deposit – and verify the funds before spending any of it.

Are All Spam Blockers Equal? Spam Blockers – be careful before purchasing a spam blocking service or software – some may not work at all and some may block more than what you want. Be sure they don’t place blocks on emails you might want to read – some let members report a spam and it gets added to the blocked list. It might be something you would like to see, but just one person decided he or she did not want it, so everyone in the program gets that blocked. There is a much-hyped program out that doesn’t even install on people’s computers correctly to be able to run the program! And you can pretty much bet that if someone sent you a spam message telling you to buy, it’s not something you should look into! If only someone would write a script that blocks ONLY on MY computer with the blocked keywords I CHOOSE, and automatically blocks any address I CLICK ON that I want to block!

Domain Renewal Invoice You receive an invoice in the mail and it tells you your domain is getting ready to expire, and that you need to pay to renew the registration. It may or may not be an issue. Check your records to see when your registration is expiring, and which company you are registered with. The invoice you receive may be from some other company you never dealt with or even heard of. Or your domain isn’t set to expire for months or years. Don’t just pay any invoices you get – verify them first. That goes for all other bills, as well – phone, utility and all.

Think You’re Safe From Caffeine? Check ingredient labels for caffeine in the products you eat and drink. Some are obvious in having caffeine in them, but there are more you may not suspect. If you want to avoid it, or don’t want to give it to your kids, check the labels. Even certain bottled water adds caffeine. Labels are required if it’s added, but not if it naturally occurs. You probably know that most teas contain it, as does chocolate – but these are not required to list it.

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