Watch Jimmy Fallon Play Some Xbox One Games


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Last week, Jimmy Fallon checked out the PS4 right before its launch on November 15. What ensued was a humorous look at Sony's new Playroom software using the PlayStation camera. Now it's the Xbox One's turn on late night television, and Microsoft fired back with its own camera-based games.

Last night, Fallon and Will Forte checked out the Xbox One one last time before its launch tomorrow. Instead of playing one of the more hardcore launch titles, however, Fallon instead checked out Kinect Sports Rivals for the new console. It's not exactly the most thrilling thing, but it's at least fun to watch.

With both consoles now having a major presence on late night television, they now have to battle it out at retail. The PlayStation 4 shattered launch records last Friday with over one million consoles sold in North America alone on day one. The Xbox One will be launching in far more territories on day one so it has a better chance of selling even more units tomorrow.

If the above video has sold you on the Xbox One, the new console will become available starting tomorrow. If you don't have it preordered, however, you probably won't be able to get one in stores. There's always eBay, but the scalpers will be out in droves tomorrow to make a tidy profit on the new console. You're probably better off hitting up every major department store looking for any unsold units.

[Image: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon/YouTube]