Watch: Bing Goes the Bloodsucker Route

Creature of the Night Sells Microsoft's "Decision Engine"

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Microsoft is either taking the holiday marketing approach or the Twilight/Vampire trend approach with its latest commercial. The title is Bing: Vampire Decision Engine.

The company uploaded the new commercial to its (Google-owned) YouTube channel. Accompanying the video is a short description:

"When you’re looking for a restaurant that is family friendly, romantic, or maybe something with an otherworldly atmosphere, use Bing’s reviews to stop searching and start deciding."

You also may be seeing this ad on a television near you.

What do you think of the latest Bing commercial? Is it good or does it "suck"? Ah Ah. (That was supposed to be the Count). Share your thoughts here.

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Watch: Bing Goes the Bloodsucker Route
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  • http://www.seo-servis.sk Peter Seo

    Microsoft tries to bring some attention to Bing, but I think there is not enough difference yet why should someone use Bing instead of Google. And I think Bing is much less relevant than Google.

    • eug

      why use Bing? Well you wouldn’t. But Google?
      Sad to say that I feel sorry for you:
      Do you really not notice that ‘some’ of your search items do not appear on your results list? I mean really or do you just accept?
      Google is a search-find-promote-block-corrupt engine. to call it a search engine is a (dangerous) misnomer. Sadly Bing has fast caught down to that ‘standard’.

  • http://www.snerdey.com Snerdey

    96% of our traffic, buyers find us via Google.. only 2% are Bing and 1% is Yahoo then MSN.

    I’m good with this, it does not make any sense to me that Bing is not producing anything like Google can for us.. it’s actually a head scratcher why we are so popular on the web via Google and the search results on Bing are just so skewed it’s not something I should have to fix!

    I’m not impressed at all.

    Follow Snerdey on Twitter!

  • http://www.homesweetdollars.com HomeWorkers

    We always could kid ourselves by seeing the positive of “competition” ??

  • http://increasetargetedtraffictoyourwebsite.that-is-simple.com/IncreaseTargetedTraffictoYourWebsite/ Yevgeniy

    Have a good rest MSN :-)

  • http://www.CompuNerds.Net Robert Hosken

    That commercial is disgustingly evil. It projects the spirit of that old humanistic atheist Bill Gates, who professes not to believe in God and the good supernatural, but in practice promotes the notion of the reality of evil. If evil exists, it does so only as the negation of good. Just as the fundamental law of logic — not-A is not A, i.e., 0 is not 1 — exists, so also evil is not good. How can a man and a company that has built their success on 0’s and 1’s not understand this fundamental law of the universe?

    • Guest

      You’re looking for raw pearls in a swimming pool…

  • Guest

    Microsoft jumping on the vampire (yet another) bandwagon. I thought the commercial was fairly lame.

    This just reinforces the notion that there are no original ideas at MS.

    Yelp for restaurants not Bing. And their home page looks even worse on TV.

    Finally, I thought it might be better if they didn’t mention Microsoft at the end either.

  • http://www.yadayadamarketing.com Laura Betterly

    Cute commercial, but it wouldn’t make me switch from Google. That’s what they need to do now, is convince people that they are better (which from a technology standpoint they aren’t and from a traffic standpoint, they aren’t and from a branding standpoint they aren’t.)

    In fact, they just aren’t. There will have to be a huge change in perception and user behavior for them to come close to Google.

    Anyway, that’s my .02

  • http://www.cyberapps.biz/blog/ Hector

    I don’t really understand all of this negative comments towards a search engine, if we learn to love them all, you would find that all of them have something unique that the other can’t match.

    • http://www.jolicosolarpower.com Maxine Cook

      Lots of negative comments equal lots of folks just not liking the Bing Experience! Simple as that. If there were good things to say about Bing, I think we’d be hearing them. We all love to love a winner. But Bing has come up VERY short in many people’s opinions, and the reason for that is not that people have just decided not to like Bing. It’s because Bing really does not at least meet the standard of the day, which is Google. Bing needs a LOT more work, starting with their failure to actually index valid websites! If you disbelieve me, look up “Bing problem forums” and be prepared for a long read…..

  • http://tvi-easycashandtravel.com cozgold

    The advertising world may indeed see another trend that has been taken out of this equation.
    For the last ten years, the adornation of this type movie(vampires)by the youth in the country, has become a powerfull cult within the film rentals and programing on TV as well as the cinema. The age group that has been the target for all advertising ranges from 10 to 20 years of age. The parents, and stores provide what this age group prefers. Thus you will see a great deal of problems trying to find clothes prefered by a crowd in the 30-50 years of age. This young crowd craves this type of movie, which transfers to advertising and promotion. If the viewers complain about it, their complaints are going without notice based on numbers and of the buying targets in our culture, which in return bring in the biggest return to advertisers! The ad by BING is simply staying in tune with the current trnds in promotion!

    • kimi71

      I can see how a person might think this is a total fad since the whole Twilight phenom…well hate to break it to y’all but vamps have been big in one way or another since the victorian era…and also trust me when i say there have been waaaay more (and better) vampire novels & movies released before Twilight was ever thought up….i been readin adult paranormal romance for a good twenty years!….so im definately not in the age group u seem to think are the only ones into vamps…im almost 39 and u wanna sell me something?…show me the fangs!! ;)

  • http://www.wsipromarketing.com Internet Marketing Consultants MA

    Is that the best Bing could muster? Yikes!

  • http://www.websitepromotiontraffictips.com James Steiner

    I find this utterly confusing to say the least and a somewhat mortifying tactical approach to say the most. If MSN wants to compete with what Google has become… you know “The SE King”! They are certainly going about it the wrong way and must provide a great deal more than they are at present to win in this game. Not to say the BING team won’t in the future; however, this just doesn’t get it done!!! Of course this is merely my own humble opinion lol.

    Lots more can be said about what they NEED to do….. as I would like to see Google taken down a notch for sure!! It’s just not gonna happen with a marketing plan like this!!! I wish I had just 1% of MSN’s marketing budget to waste LOL. Have a safe, happy and most blessed Halloween everyone!!

  • matt

    i didn’t think i’d like this, but it was funny

  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com Official Safety and Security

    Humor can sell ’cause it gets people’s attention but there’s a fine line between selling and insulting consumers so you have to be careful. There’s probably an equal share on both sides of the isle on this one. I get lots of traffic from bing to my safety and security web site so I think they must be doing something right and with the thought of vampires stalking the neighborhood maybe my traffic will spike in the days ahead. Thanks, Chris, for this great article and for your own brand of humor.

  • katbaldwin

    Tapping a trend – vampires. Come on, admit it, that’s just smart. And I do like Bing. Tried it. Liked it.

  • 100% Apple user

    Wow, who knew a commercial could generate so many salty and vinegary comments . . . but you asked so here ya go. Nothing wrong with this commercial at all – it’s entertaining, keeps your attention and does actually demonstrate the value of search. Having said that, I get fairly sick of holiday themed ads very quickly and am already dreading the onslaught of yucko holiday music piped into gas stations, retail, coffee shops, etc. from Halloween through New Years. I really have no interest in seeing fake Christmas trees for sale before Halloween too. The whole holiday experience in marketing and retail is so over the top and over done, I’m usually already into holiday fatigue mode by The Day of the Dead.

    As far as search, I have never liked the design of the Google home page, even though I’ve tried to spruce it up with one of the ‘artist’ themed backgrounds by Dale Chihuly. And am I the only person to think the new Google Wave logo is just plain ugly? I actually make a point of doing a search at least once a day on Bing just so I can enjoy the gorgeous photography and the often quirky links to related info. Have come to prefer Bing, even though I use both and am an Apple user to boot. Bing works for me; it’s about the most Apple-like thing Microsoft has created from a design point of view.

  • http://twitter.com/Aussie_Mossie Anna Storer

    Marvelous what they will do to suck the last ‘Almighty Dollar’ from people. Having said that-there was a hint of humor in the ads.

  • Guest

    I’m so sick of this vampire trend. It’s everywhere now.

    Commercial isn’t bad otherwise. I liked it when I thought it was sex he was hungry for.


  • Marilyn D

    I am in lust with the vampire guy in the Bing commercial.

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    Interesting to know and funny too.


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  • panevil

    I like the commercial with the vampire, though can not find out who the actor is. He’s a cutie.

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