Watch Bill Gates Lose A Chess Match In 79 Seconds


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As the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates has to be a pretty smart guy. He helped develop the Windows operating system and made the company the global tech leader it is today. With all that being said, is he good at chess?

In the latest episode of Skavlan, a Norwegian-Swedish talk show, Bill Gates took on the world's best chess player - Magnus Carlsen. Carlsen became a chess grandmaster at the age of 13 and was named the number one chess player in the world at 19 making him the youngest person to receive the title. So, how did Gates fare against the world's youngest chess grandmaster? He lost in 79 seconds.

What makes the below video so entertaining is that Gates might have lost in under a minute if it didn't take him so long to make his moves. It's almost like Carlsen knew exactly what moves Gates would make and reacted immediately upon it being his turn. It's fascinating, but a little hard to follow due to the speed at which Carlsen plays.

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Image via nrk/YouTube