Watch Adorable Kids Read Author and Twitter Comedian Kelly Oxford’s Tweets

    April 10, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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Jimmy Kimmel has a thing where he makes people on the streets read the tweets of some of his guests, you know, when the guest is particularly prolific on Twitter. He did this a few weeks ago when he had comedian Rob Delaney on the show.

That time, it was the elderly who were made to read the oftentimes obscene tweets. This time, it’s adorable little children and the Twitter comedian is Kelly Oxford (who just published a book).

This is predictably hilarious:

  • stephenf

    Oh, for sure. Nothing as adorable as kids reading profanity. Anything for entertainment value.

    I mean, some of them are funny. Why not limit it to that, instead of making kids read profanity or vulgar thematic material?