Watch a White Supremacist Find Out He's Part African [VIDEO]


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In news that sounds more like something you'd hear on April Fools' Day, a white supremacist recently found out that he is part African. And guess what makes this story even better? The white supremacist in question is the guy who is trying to start a "whites only" town.

This sounds like something from a Dave Chappelle skit, but it's really not (if you've never watched Chappelle's "Black White Supremacist" skit, you can check it out here, but be warned--it isn't remotely safe for work and may be quite offensive, depending on your sense of humor).

Craig Cobb, the white supremacist in question, appeared on an episode of the The Trisha Goddard Show, which will air on November 18. We're not sure why, exactly, Cobb would want to appear on a talk show hosted by a black woman, but it's safe to say that Trisha got the last laugh after revealing the results of his DNA test. Watch Craig Cobb learning of his African roots below.

“You've got a little black in you," Goddard informed Cobb. How's that for karma? Thanks to the DNA test, Cobb learned that he is actually 14 percent African, which was quite a blow for the white supremacist, as one can imagine. Or it would be, anyway, if he actually believed the test. Cobb claims that the test wasn't scientific enough and believes that the DNA company used to provide his test results, Ancestry by DNA, conspired against him.

At any rate, he plans to have his DNA retested by another company and hopes, of course, that that the 14 percent African heritage will go away. "I'm very anxious to. I'm probably going to get one overnighted to me," Cobb said. "I'm going to use the National Geographic test. I'm going to use Ancestry DNA, which is the one this shlock company, AncestrybyDNA, piggybacks on. They literally copied the packaging!"

So, what happens next if further DNA tests prove that Cobb really is part African? The plans for the "whites only" town in North Dakota will go on. Cobb told The Daily Mail that he will serve as a "border guard for the purebreds" in his town. He also says, “Well if I did have any n**** we don’t want anymore of it.”

The single black resident that lives in Leith, the town Cobb hopes to convert over, absolutely loved the DNA results. “I knew there was one other black person in town," Bobby Harper said. "Is he going to want to kick his own self out of town and discriminate against himself?”

Judging from the Twitter reaction, it appears that Trisha and Harper weren't the only ones amused with the results of Cobb's DNA test:

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