Watch A Creepy Dude Facebook Stalk You With “Take This Lollipop”

    October 18, 2011
    Josh Wolford

Whenever you see that now-famous Facebook allow box, the one that allows applications access to all your awesome personal data in order to work properly, do you still feel a tinge of trepidation? Do you imagine the worst – that somewhere, someone now knows everything about you and is going to use that information in very bad ways?

Take This Lollipop, a new interactive experience, works on the same kind of privacy fears – in an amazingly creepy way.

Once you allow it to connect to your Facebook account, it populates the video with all of your personal information – photos, wall postings, friend lists, even your location. And the location data serves as the disturbing climax of the experience.

And the video is great fun. It involves a questionable individual Facebook stalking you from the privacy of what could easily be a kidnapping dungeon or a torture room from the set of Hostel – it’s that dark and dingy. Watching this guy browse through your entire Facebook presence is unsettling, to say the least.

Take This Lollipop is a interesting use of the Facebook API – one that plays on a lot of people’s fears about privacy when it comes to social media.

Here’s a promo video for the experience –

Check it out. They dare you.

[via Reddit]


Josh Wolford
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