Washington Shooting Update: Woman Dead

    October 3, 2013
    Alexandria Sardam
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WASHINGTON — The United States Capitol was locked down for about a half-hour on Thursday afternoon after law enforcement officers shot and killed a woman who had been chased there in her car from the White House, law enforcement officials said.

The woman, who has yet to be identified by authorities had “attempted to pass a barricade” near the White house said Kim Dine, the chief of the Capitol Police, and struck an officer in the process.

In the process, officers as well as security guards tried to stop the woman from continuing on.

The woman was shot shortly after in attempts to stop the vehicle. After having approached and evaluating the scene, officials said there was also a child in the car.

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  • Will

    Murder! Probably forgot her meds, or had a melt down. Maybe got lost. These days i wouldn’t blame her for try to escape from a bunch of people with guns drawn and a baby in the car! They killed an innocent and unarmed women. Aswell as opening gunfire with a child in the car. Bullets ricochet. Wth were they thinking. I dong care thats murder. They are supposed to be trained professionals. Take out there tires Wheres the strips. Once again. It was murder!!!!!!!!!! Whats worse. They get away with it. That there is evil. O and what is the gov really doin? They lied to us. And now starting to kill us off. Im sorry. But im thinking that the people are the ones that actually run shit. Hands on. Hard paycheck to paycheck. Some of is got ripped off from our dreams. Perhaps a jealous or hatful person with authority. Or money. If we where to live in harmony. Abusing authority would have to stop. No person is better then another. Greed kills. Once theres nothing to kill. How does greed feed? Money is nothing without people. People eat food not paper.