Washington Post Launches Political Database

    January 22, 2009

The Washington Post has launched a new site called WhoRunsGov.com that consists of comprehensive profiles of people in politics and the government.

Currently the site is focused on people involved in the government and politics on a national level but plans are in the works to expand it to include state officials, experts at think tanks and interest groups.

Each profile offers in-depth information on individual’s policy experience, involvement in government decision-making, major policy positions, voting records, political affiliations, campaign and personal finance information and related news articles from around the Web.

The Post says the goal is to provide policy biographies of all major government decision makers across the Executive and Legislative branches and independent agencies. Each profile highlights an individual’s main policy concerns.

"This is the first phase of a new venture to create a uniquely collaborative and rich information resource that demystifies the individuals behind Washington’s policy-making process," said Rachel Van Dongen, Editor of WhoRunsGov.com.

Washington Post Launches Political Database

"The site gives political, business and opinion leaders, as well as students, educators and engaged citizens, a destination for crucial, real-time information on Washington’s key players. And it will be a free resource for all."

The initial beta version of the site will allow users to discuss officials’ policy profiles. More social features will be added later this year when the site expands to become a moderated wiki.

Users will be able to add their own content to profiles after they are reviewed by an editorial team. Politicians profiled on the site will also be able to provide biographical details and share stories in their own words.