Washington Bravehearts: A New Redskins Team?

    October 27, 2013
    Tobias Roth
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While there has been much criticism and controversy over the name of the Washington Redskins team name, many people have wanted the name to be changed. The name change, of course, is up to Dan Snyder, the owner of the team. At least for now, the name of the bravehearts is not going to be their new name, and while it has created much buzz around Washington recently, it is simply a hoax.

The official reports are that Aris Mardirossian, a neighbor of Snyder’s has registered the name, Washington Bravehearts, for “entertainment in the nature of football games.” Despite being Snyder’s neighbor, it seems that the name is simply a coincidence, and the Redskins will not be changing their name, although some fans might want them to.

The record seems to have been set straight after a spokesman for the Redskins, Tony Wyllie, mentioned on Friday, “I just want to set the record straight for everyone listening, just to let you know that there is absolutely NO connection between the Washington Bravehearts and the person that registered that trademark, and the Washington Redskins.

Wyllie continued to say that Snyder does not even know this man, and that there is absolutely no connection between the Washington Bravehearts and the Washington Redskins. He urges fans not to worry when stating, “So I just want to let you know, Dan (doesn’t) know the man, so please, people, stop panicking, there’s no connection.” Were people panicking? It seems as if most people would be happy about the name change.

The Washington Bravehearts, while a good attempt at changing the name as some would believe, unfortunately will not be happening anytime soon. There is certainly plenty of support behind changing the name, with the United States congress even urging the team’s owner to change the name earlier this year. 10 members of Congress sent an open letter to Dan Snyder in May of this year.

As if Congress was not enough, President Obama also said that if he were the Redskins owner, he would think about changing the name.

Although Snyder has said that the team’s name will never change, plenty of people are rallying behind a change, including the Oneida tribe, who traveled to Washington to meet with NFL commissioner Roger Gooddell.

Do you think the owner of the Redskins should change the name? What would a better name be? Discuss here.

The Washington Bravehearts will definitely not be the new name of the NFL team, but is there a possible changes sometime in the future? Only time will tell.


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  • Gail

    Call them the Washngton Federals and be done with it. Redskins IS offensive.

  • willie lunchmeat

    It should be an honor to have the name Redskins be used to identify a team with such an esteem history and legacy. If anything the name will forever keep alive the tragic events and the way all Native Americans sufferered in the development of our nation and lest we forever forget those events however,there is always radicals from all walks of life who wants to promote dissension over issues that bare no substance. It is my opinion that the name Washington Redskins is not derogatory and I was shocked but not surprised that politicians to include President Obama jumped on this band wagon. Don’t they have enough on their plate without dipping into Snyder’s franchise.I am a devout Redskins fan “Win or Lose” since 1970 and I feel deeply saddened by the history of the Native Americans (Indians) but rest assured the name Washington Redskins has nothing to do with those events nor will it change history by changing their name…my advise is…”GET OVER IT”…”HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!”

  • G.E.


  • James Hernandez

    NFL Football name controversy over Washington Redskin name opposed by Native American Indians.

    What about changing Washington Redskins football team name to – The Washington Calvary.

    Didn’t the US Calvary beat the Redskins in history? Let’s go with a winner, not a loser! Washington Calvary.

  • BR

    I am a registered member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and I have NO issue with the Washington Redskins name or mascot! I DO have issues with the news media making the statement that the Indian Nations want the name change. I also do not appreciate a tribe from New York taking liberties as if they spoke for all! The Oneida tribe needs to focus on issues in New York because if it were that big of a concern I am sure that the Native Americans living within Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia have ample voice to speak for ourselves. Lastly, if the Washington Redskins were portraying Native Americans in a disrespectful manner I would have a different opinion. However, that hasn’t been the case.